electric truck Stories December 14, 2018

Porsche announced today that it is adding a new 32-tonne all-electric truck to its commercial fleet to be used for the preparation of the production of the Taycan, Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle. expand full story

electric truck Stories August 29, 2017

While electric truck enthusiasts are anticipating the unveiling of Tesla’s all-electric truck next month, diesel engine manufacturer Cummins beat the electric car manufacturer to the punch by unveiling its own electric truck effort today. expand full story

electric truck Stories June 13, 2016


Last month, we reported on a new Salt Lake City-based startup, Nikola Motor, unveiling the design of its first product; an electric truck with a natural gas range extender called ‘Nikola One’. The company attracted a lot of attention for having a name reminiscent of Tesla Motors – both inspired by the physicist Nikola Tesla – but it also unveiled serious ambitions to revolutionize the trucking industry.

The ‘Nikola One’ will be equipped with a massive 320 kWh battery pack and the company hopes that it will be able to travel up to 1,200 miles with the natural gas range extender. Now the company announced that it received over 7,000 pre-orders with deposits for its electric truck since the unveiling of the concept last month. CEO Trevor Milton says that the pre-orders are worth over $2.3 billion. expand full story

electric truck Stories May 12, 2016


Don’t be put off by the Tesla Motors spinoff-sounding name (of course inspired by physicist Nikola Tesla) which attracted many headlines this week, Nikola Motor’s recently unveiled electric truck and UTV concepts are very real – well as real as a concept can be.

What many articles about the company missed is the fact that the range is achieved through a natural gas range extender, which is not clear only from the press release. The truck is called ‘Nikola One’ and it is equipped with a 320 kWh battery pack which enables up to 1,200 miles, but again only combined with the natural gas range extender. expand full story

electric truck Stories March 15, 2016


Florida-based li-ion battery maker Oakridge Global Energy Solutions recently confirmed a battery supply agreement with Freedom Trucking in Minnesota. In the announcement, Oakridge is making some impressive claims, especially that the battery-powered drivetrain will enable interstate trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVWR) of 80,000 pounds to travel more than 400 miles.

Battery-powered trucks not only reduce air and noise pollution, but they are also believed to be the next important step, alongside self-driving technology, in significantly reducing logistic costs associated with trucking. expand full story

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