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You don’t need an SUV. You need a (much) cheaper electric cargo bike. Here’s why

radrunner electric cargo bike utility bike

America has an SUV problem. Or rather, just a big vehicle problem in general. The land of SUVs and pickup trucks has somehow been tricked into thinking you need a 4,000-pound vehicle to carry 20 pounds of groceries home from the supermarket.

But there’s a better way, and it’s called an electric cargo bike. It will save you money. It will save you time. It will make you more attractive. And it will make you happier. I all but guarantee it.

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Tern GSD Review: more practical than you can shake a stick at

Tern specializes in folding bicycles, both electric and non-electric, but they fancy themself a transportation company. For those of you undergoing car replacement therapy, the GSD is one of, if not the best, compact cargo bikes on the market today. Every inch of the bike is covered in useful features, coming together in a dense product that continues to impress with each mile.

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Opinion: Tesla’s Model 3 AWD ‘frunk’, as shown in prototypes, is just a glorified glovebox

black_1There are so many things to be impressed about with the Model 3 that its hard to get my head around all of the goodies. But that doesn’t mean there are some disappointments too.

One thing that struck me, as a Model S owner looking perhaps to either downsize or get a second electric car, was the lack of storage, particularly up front in the area Tesla and its fans called the ‘Frunk’. Here’s a picture of one of the AWD Model 3s with its Frunk open via Reddit:

Model 3 Frunk

That’s about the same room as you get beneath the seat on a regional jet and almost pointless in size unless you need secure purse storage. That bag looks about 8 inches thick at the rear and maybe 3 inches thick at the front and about 18 inches long and at most 3 feet wide at its biggest point. You can’t put groceries here or a stroller (2 things I put in my RWD Model S frunk). Besides the tailor-made handbag above, it is hard to imagine what use this space can provide to the typical user. Tesla could put a roadside emergency kit with tire fix can? Maybe you can fit a squeegee for the windows since Electric cars don’t stop at gas stations? How about a very small ball pit?