The BMW i3 is rumored to soon be getting a new battery cell upgrade to push the range ‘over 200 miles’, but Lion Smart thinks you can you push the vehicle a lot further.

They unveiled a BMW i3 with a 100 kWh battery pack for 435 miles of range as a proof-of-concept.

Lion Smart is a Germany-based engineering firm developing energy storage solutions for OEMs.

They have now developed their latest generation battery pack for electric vehicles and they used the technology to build a 100 kWh pack for a BMW i3.

The company claims a range of 700 km (435 miles) on a single charge enabled by an energy density of >230 Wh/kg and 460 Wh/l at the pack level.

Lion Smart claims that its battery pack architecture is “wireless” to a degree:

“The new developed battery pack concept “LIGHT Battery” does not require the usual sense wiring for voltage and temperature monitoring and does not require a data bus cable. The resulting free installation space allows a previously unimaginable packing density of the cylindrical cells. Due to the cells and electronics completely embedded in the liquid, a “wireless” construction of the battery stack is possible by means of acoustic and optical communication between the cells, which uses the liquid itself as a medium for data transmission.”

They released a video of the new battery pack architecture:

It has become somewhat popular with engineering firms to showcase new energy storage by improving on existing vehicles from OEMs.

Kreisel has been known for its impressive electric vehicle conversions like a VW e-Golf with a 55 kWh battery pack, a $1 million classic Porsche 910, and a few electric vehicles for Arnold Schwarzenegger: a custom all-electric Mercedes G-Class and an all-electric Hummer.

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