Arcimoto Stories March 30

Eugene, Oregon-based Arcimoto is preparing to go global and has just hired a chief international business officer to oversee international expansion.

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Arcimoto Stories February 10

Arcimoto’s market capitalization recently crossed the $1 billion threshold, making the three-wheeled electric vehicle company the newest member of the unicorn club.

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Arcimoto Stories January 27

Arcimoto, best known for its three-wheeled electric vehicles known as the FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle), has reached an agreement to acquire Tilting Motor Works. Arcimoto has indicated that the technology will be used in new Arcimoto products intended for the micromobility industry.

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Arcimoto Stories January 11

Eugene, Oregon-based Arcimoto has agreed to purchase a new, larger factory space to produce its three-wheeled electric vehicles.

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Arcimoto Stories November 20, 2020

Oregon-based Arcimoto (FUV) has seen an incredible rally this week, with its largest gains posted yesterday.

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Arcimoto Stories November 10, 2020

As if Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) wasn’t already fun enough, the company has just unveiled a new open-top version known as the Arcimoto ROADSTER.

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Arcimoto Stories October 26, 2020

Eugene, Oregon-based Arcimoto’s three-wheeled electric Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) is marching towards an annual production rate of 50,000 vehicles in two years. And to get all of those FUVs to their new owners, Arcimoto has just announced a partnership with DHL.

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Arcimoto Stories March 11, 2020

Arcimoto Rapid Responder

The Eugene, Oregon Fire Department started an Arcimoto EV rapid responder pilot program. The Arcimoto Rapid Responder is modular and homemade. expand full story

Arcimoto Stories February 6, 2020

Arcimoto has finally started deliveries of their three-wheeled “Fun Utility Vehicle,” and we caught Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer on the tail end of a cross-country tour for a short ride through Los Angeles.

We’ve driven the Arcimoto before, but those were earlier versions and shorter rides. Now that we’ve had a chance to try this fun little thing out on real roads (and in real traffic), here’s how it was.

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Arcimoto Stories March 19, 2019

Arcimoto, an Oregon-based electric vehicle manufacturer, is famous for its three-wheeled Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV). The FUV was originally designed as a passenger vehicle, but the company is now showing off two new versions for emergency services and delivery companies.

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