electric three-wheeler Stories January 8

Daymak revealed the first “production-look” prototype of its 85 mph, light-electric three-wheeler, the Daymak Spiritus, back in October. At the time, it was thought to be a static display piece – but now? It’s a runner, and we’ve got video.

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electric three-wheeler Stories November 18, 2021

Asia has held a monopoly on those awesome three-wheeled vehicles commonly known as tuktuks or rickshaws for far too long. Now BILITI Electric is trying to change that with the US introduction of the GMW Taskman.

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electric three-wheeler Stories October 19, 2021

Toronto-based Daymak is showing off its initial prototype of the Daymak Spiritus today. The three-wheeled electric vehicle is one of the first models in the company’s premium Avvenire EV line.

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electric three-wheeler Stories April 23, 2021

The postwar era saw a period of frenzied innovation in the automotive industry, which in part led to Messerschmitt’s Kabinroller, a three-wheeled car built by the German airplane manufacturer. Now the odd little car is making a comeback after nearly 60 years, but this time in the form of an electric car.

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electric three-wheeler Stories January 5, 2017


The Arcimoto SRK, an all-electric three-wheeler, has been almost 10 years in the making. The Oregon-based startup started working on the concept in 2007 and they now have the 8th generation of the vehicle.

President and Founder of Arcimoto, Mark Frohnmayer, told Electrek this week that the company is getting ready to bring the SRK to market this year. expand full story

electric three-wheeler Stories March 16, 2016

solo chassis

Electra Meccanica is the electric division of the formerly Italian (now based in Canada) automaker InterMeccanica and best known for its trademark Roadsters. The electric division has been working on its next generation single-seater three-wheeler EV, the SOLO, for a while now and it aims to bring it to market in limited production by the end of the year.

It looks like the company is making progress and this week Electra Meccanica released a quick sneak peek of the SOLO’s chassis. expand full story

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