Nikola Badger Stories September 8, 2020

Nikola Motor (NKLA) announced a partnership with GM that will result in the latter engineering and manufacturing its upcoming Badger electric/hydrogen pickup truck, and maybe eventually its other vehicles.

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Nikola Badger Stories June 29, 2020

Nikola Motors, the defacto Tesla Motors copycat with a hydrogen twist, announced that they started taking $5,000 deposits for a pickup truck that only exists in renders and that they only plan to make due to Tesla Cybertruck. expand full story

Nikola Badger Stories February 10, 2020

Nikola Motors, better known for its electric fuel-cell semi-trucks, is today unveiling a concept for a new electric pickup with a battery/fuel-cell hybrid powertrain enabling 600 miles of range, 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.9 seconds, and more. expand full story

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