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Canoo (GOEV) delivers EV pickup for US Army use – which makes sense


EV maker Canoo (GOEV) is on a mission to provide electric vehicles for multiple uses with its flexible Multi-Purpose Platform. Canoo announced today it has officially delivered its Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) EV based on the platform to the US Army.

Meanwhile, the military implementing electric vehicles can do more than protect the planet from climate change.

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Charging stations coming to US military sites as DOD rolls out EVs


The Department of Defense (DOD) is well aware that electric vehicles are rolling out at a record pace and are only expected to continue gaining vehicle market share. As a result, the Defense Innovation Unit, a sub-division of the DOD, is partnering with the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army Reserve to install EV charging stations at eight US military sites.

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Weird Alibaba: Stop me from buying this $2,100 electric army tank complete with cannon

electric army tank

“Speak softly and carry a big stick” may have been Teddy R’s shtick, but how about, “Drive quietly and carry a main cannon”? With today’s big trucks and SUVs turning into an arms race of their own, that’s how I plan to commute now that I’ve found that you can buy your own electric army tank on Alibaba.

This week’s entry in our Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week series is a first for us in nearly two years – an electric land vehicle that doesn’t have wheels. Tank steer, here I come!

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With more armies testing e-bikes than ever before, are electric bikes set to become the new cavalry?

The idea of army vehicles usually conjures up images of battle tanks and Black Hawks, but there’s a long history of two-wheelers making the draft as well. But while bicycles and old motorcycles were the bikes of choice for decades, electrification is changing the face of two-wheeled army transports around the world.

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The military develops plan to use EVs similar to Tesla Semi for remote missions

Army EV

Lt. General Eric Wesley, head of the US Army’s Futures and Concepts Center, is working on a detailed white paper for the military use of EVs. That will serve as a recommendation for how the Army transitions from internal combustion to electric vehicles. Wesley is inspired by the development of large battery-powered trucks by Tesla and others.


DARPA unveils ‘extreme’ in-hub electric motors for vehicles with military applications

The military has often led the development of technologies for defense and warfare, but it hasn’t so much been the case for electric vehicles. Lately, the US military has made some significant investments in EVs and they started showcasing some of their work.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently unveiled ‘extreme’ in-hub electric motors for vehicles with military applications. Expand