Zero Motorcycles Stories April 13

The Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb competition is a chance for manufacturers to show off their latest machines – and put them through the grueling gauntlet. This year Zero Motorcycles will be competing with their new 2019 Zero SR/F electric motorcycle. But can an air-cooled electric motorcycle be competitive in such a high power race? Zero thinks so, and here’s why.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories February 25

Electrek is on-site in Midtown Manhattan where just minutes ago, Zero’s new SR/F was unveiled. The SR/F electric motorcycle is now Zero’s fastest offering with a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h).

The SR/F also has a host of new parts and features never before seen on a Zero such as 0-95% charging in just 1 hour. Check out this up close look and get all the details below.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories February 8

Zero electric motorcycle pulls over Tesla in ‘quietest police pursuit ever’

It’s hard to deny how much fun it can be to drive a Tesla. With instantaneous torque and no worries about burning a piston, who among us hasn’t put the pedal to the floor when we had the chance? Perhaps that’s why Teslas have a knack for attracting police attention.

And in a comical twist of fate, we now get to see what it looks like when a police officer on an electric motorcycle pulls over an electric vehicle.

Zero Motorcycles Stories January 22

Earlier this month, Zero Motorcycles announced that an all-new electric motorcycle was coming. The company revealed that the new model would be known as the SR/F but didn’t offer many other details.

Now Zero has offered up more clues about their upcoming electric motorcycle.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories October 23, 2018

Zero Motorcycles has been on a winning streak lately, opening new dealership after dealership.

Now the company is updating their electric motorcycle lineup with the announcement of their new 2019 models.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories June 18, 2018

When you think of an electric motorcycle, especially in the US, Zero Motorcycles is often the first to come to mind. They aren’t the only electric motorcycle company out there, but they are one of the best known for their multiple models of sporty and commuter electric two-wheelers. expand full story

Zero Motorcycles Stories October 19, 2017

Earlier this summer, we had the opportunity to test a 2015 Zero DS (Dual-Sport) Motorcycle for a few days. What a blast we had! If you are used to riding traditional ICE motorcycles than, yes, you will miss the exhaust note, the vibrations and shifting through the gears. With the Zero, you get none of that, but as it turns out, that doesn’t detract from the riding experience at all. Actually, the fact that it is a near silent bike adds to the experience. We took the Zero DS to Bear Mountain in New York for some spirited riding and we had a great time.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories October 18, 2017

California-based Zero Motorcycles, one of the biggest makers of all-electric motorcycles, unveiled its 2018 bike lineup this week.

As usual, the company is introducing some new features and improvements to its electric powertrain technology, which now allows for faster charging and longer range. expand full story

Zero Motorcycles Stories March 21, 2017

Every segment of the transport industry is going electric and now it’s time for the recreational watercraft segment. A new Sacramento-based startup called Free Form Factory partnered with electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles to use their electric powertrains in what they claim is “the world’s first electric, stand-up personal watercraft”.

The watercraft, called Gratis X1, is quite expensive, which is to be expected with a relatively new technology, but it also offers several advantages over its more common gas-powered counterparts. expand full story

Zero Motorcycles Stories November 8, 2016

In term of size and market share, Zero Motorcycles is the clear leader in the electric motorcycle segment. And that’s mainly because the company has been consistent over the past few years in releasing significantly improved model lineups with better battery pack technology and more power. They haven’t been known to sit on a successful model, but they improve on them quite frequently instead.

We have seen it with the 2016 lineup last year and today, the company did it again with its new 2017 lineup. With now over 200 miles of range on a single charge for some of its models, Zero is making it a lot easier to choose an electric powertrain over a gas-powered motorcycle and to say goodbye to gasoline – that’s a real press photo from Zero above by the way. expand full story

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