Zero Motorcycles Stories June 10

The Zero SR/F and the Harley-Davidson LiveWire are perhaps the two most premium American electric motorcycles on the road today. They come from two very different companies but share more similarities than you might expect.

I recently tested both a $21,495 SR/F and a $29,799 LiveWire simultaneously, putting them up against each other to determine which one was the rightful king of the American electric motorcycles.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories April 13

Unlike the legions of interesting but questionably vaporware concept electric motorcycles floating around the internet these days, the Zero SR/F is a powerful, sporty bike that you can actually find in dealerships. It combines high power with an aggressive ride that is sure to turn a boring commute into an ear-to-ear grinning experience.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories February 19

Electrek was fortunate enough to attend today’s unveiling of the new Zero SR/S electric motorcycle in Manhattan. And we can confirm: The bike represents a bold new step by Zero Motorcycles in both form and function.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories February 15

Last month, Zero quietly rolled out a teaser announcing a new model of electric motorcycle, the upcoming Zero SR/S. It was supposed to be unveiled on February 24, but a video of the Zero SR/S was reportedly leaked early, spilling the beans on the new bike.

The good news: It looks pretty freakin’ awesome.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories January 29

When it comes to riding forest trails on a motorcycle, there’s no better way to do it than on an electric motorcycle. Listening to the sounds of the animals around you, hearing the crunch of the dirt under your tires, and smelling the sweet, damp aroma of the forest are all unique experiences possible on an electric motorcycle. Those experiences would be ruined by the noise and exhaust of a typical gas-powered motorcycle.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories January 27

February might not be the best riding season, at least not in many areas of the Northern Hemisphere. But that hasn’t stopped Zero Motorcycles from announcing that it will unveil a new addition to its electric motorcycle line up next month: The Zero SR/S.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories December 26, 2019

Who do you think would win in an electric drag race showdown: A Zero SR/F electric motorcycle or a Tesla Model 3 Performance sedan?

There’s no need to wonder since this very matchup was performed and you can see the winner in the video below.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories September 18, 2019

Zero Motorcycles has just announced its model year 2020 updates. This year we’re seeing a new model for the global market and updated lower pricing for some models.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories July 31, 2019

The Zero FXS electric motorcycle is the most affordable and (in my opinion) the most fun offering in the Zero lineup. And yet many people don’t even know it exists.

So grab yourself a drink and read on while I tell you a thing or two about why the Zero FXS is perhaps the best commuter electric motorcycle on the market right now.

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Zero Motorcycles Stories July 2, 2019

Zero Motorcycles entered their new 2019 SR/F electric streetfighter motorcycle in the Heavyweight Motorcycle division of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition on Sunday. Now you can feel what it’s like to race an electric motorcycle up the mountainous race course with a POV video from the bike!

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