Nevs Stories February 11, 2020

Xpeng fends off the coronavirus. Photo: Courtesy Xpeng Motors

The coronavirus has killed more than 1,000 people with a devastating international economic impact. After closing factories, Xpeng Motors, NIO, and eHang have resumed work on Monday. We asked Xpeng Motors to tell us what they are doing to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers. expand full story

Nevs Stories November 23, 2019

The DryCycle technically isn’t really an electric car, even though it looks pretty car-like from the right angles (and when its bubble top is lowered). It’s more accurate to call it a fully enclosed, electric pedal-assisted quadricycle.

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Nevs Stories June 13, 2019

Evergrande, a Chinese firm believed to be the biggest real estate company in the world and backers of electric vehicle startups like Faraday Future and NEVS, announced a massive $23 billion investment in the production 1 million electric cars and 500 GWh of batteries per year. expand full story

Nevs Stories January 29, 2019

Supercar maker Koenigsegg announced that it is taking a $170 million investment from NEVS, SAAB’s all-electric successor, and the company says that they will use the money to ramp up their electrification effort. expand full story

Nevs Stories January 15, 2019

China’s Evergrande Group, best known in the EV community for having taken a large stake in Faraday Future, is now taking a majority stake in NEVS, SAAB’s all-electric successor. expand full story

Nevs Stories October 9, 2018

As we depart the Paris Mondial Motor Show, we’ve seen all matter of electric vehicles from Tesla and the big legacy carmakers, new ebikes that use new 2170 cells all the way down to Chinese scooters. But one big surprise was seeing the iconic Moke mini Jeep-like electric vehicles in not just one but two different booths in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a speedy, AWD version with…

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Nevs Stories April 11, 2018

NEVS has been accumulating some massive orders for its electric vehicles, but now one of the biggest orders to date has apparently fallen through as Didi reportedly pulls out of the project. expand full story

Nevs Stories December 6, 2017

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the Chinese-backed successor of SAAB, has been closing multi-billion contracts to sell electric vehicles over the last year, but it didn’t have much to show for until now.

The automaker announced today that its first electric car rolled off the production line at its new Tianjin factory yesterday. expand full story

Nevs Stories October 26, 2017

SAAB successor National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) and DiDi Chuxing, China’s Uber, have signed an agreement to collaborate on making electric cars for DiDi’s highly popular ride-sharing network. expand full story

Nevs Stories March 1, 2017


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), a relatively new Chinese li-ion battery maker, is shaping up to become a major player in the industry in the coming years with plans for several important battery factories comparable in size to Tesla’s Gigafactory.

The company has now signed a supply contract with SAAB successor National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) in order for the electric vehicle maker to deliver on its orders for electric car fleets in China. expand full story

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