Electric UTVs Stories November 3

Austin, Texas-based Volcon Motors is an electric powersports company that has set out to manufacture electric motorcycles and electric side-by-side utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). And thanks to a set of new partnerships, the new startup is getting some early help to achieve its goals.

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Electric UTVs Stories November 21, 2017

I have been skeptical about the Nikola Zero, Nikola Motor’s all-electric UTV, ever since they announced some unbelievable specs. My main concern was that the Salt Lake City-based startup claimed that they were able to pack 125 kWh of energy capacity in a relatively small battery pack – beating any electric vehicle currently in production, including the Tesla Model S P100D.

Nikola Motor figured out that the best way to erase my doubts would be for me to actually try their new machine. They currently only have one working prototype and only a handful of people in the world, aside from the U.S. military, have experienced it so far.

In a bold move, CEO Trevor Milton decided to fly us to St-George, Utah last weekend to be the first outlet to try the machine. Here I share my experience… expand full story

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