Electric UTVs Stories September 21

Polaris is gearing up to release an all-new Electric Ranger UTV this December, which they confidently claim will be the “best RANGER ever.” The new electric utility vehicle could help Polaris leapfrog several years forward to the top of the electric power-sports market, but it never would have happened without a strategic partnership with Zero Motorcycles.

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Electric UTVs Stories July 8

We already know, based on Polaris’ own teasers, that the all-new electric Ranger will be the best Ranger that Polaris has ever offered. The company has confirmed that it will have an overall power-to-weight ratio that is dramatically higher than any current utility side-by-side. But now, we’re getting a look at how the new electric Ranger won’t just offer better performance — it will also be significantly quieter.

And believe it or not, that’s a huge deal.

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Electric UTVs Stories April 29

As we’ve previously reported, Polaris is set to release a new version of the company’s electric Ranger UTV this year. Now a new teaser video is giving us a look at the prototype’s powerful towing capabilities.

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Electric UTVs Stories February 24

Volcon ePowersports is barely a few months old, but that hasn’t stopped the new e-mobility startup company from sealing its first partnership south of the equator and beginning international sales.

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Electric UTVs Stories February 6

Is there anything more fun than flying through the air in a dune buggy, 80’s music blasting and wild hair blowing in the wind? And what if you didn’t have to fiddle with an annoying engine or strain to hear your rock music over a popping exhaust? Even better, right?! While electric UTVs and dune buggies normally cost a premium over their gas-powered brethren, I’ve found a pretty darn affordable one for this week’s entry in the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week series.

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Electric UTVs Stories November 3, 2020

Austin, Texas-based Volcon Motors is an electric powersports company that has set out to manufacture electric motorcycles and electric side-by-side utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). And thanks to a set of new partnerships, the new startup is getting some early help to achieve its goals.

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Electric UTVs Stories November 21, 2017

I have been skeptical about the Nikola Zero, Nikola Motor’s all-electric UTV, ever since they announced some unbelievable specs. My main concern was that the Salt Lake City-based startup claimed that they were able to pack 125 kWh of energy capacity in a relatively small battery pack – beating any electric vehicle currently in production, including the Tesla Model S P100D.

Nikola Motor figured out that the best way to erase my doubts would be for me to actually try their new machine. They currently only have one working prototype and only a handful of people in the world, aside from the U.S. military, have experienced it so far.

In a bold move, CEO Trevor Milton decided to fly us to St-George, Utah last weekend to be the first outlet to try the machine. Here I share my experience… expand full story

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