Polaris Stories March 11

Polaris isn’t simply paying lip service when it talks about the future of electrification in powersports. The Minnesota-based leader in powersports vehicles has already unveiled its first next-gen electric UTV and now has shown off several test vehicles for electric Polaris ATVs, side-by-sides, and snowmobiles.

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Polaris Stories January 4

In a management buyout from Polaris that closed December 31, the newly established Waev, Inc. will take over the manufacturing and operations of both the GEM neighborhood EV and Taylor-Dunn commercial vehicles, officially moving both brands’ headquarters to Anaheim, California. What does this mean for the two EV brands?

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Polaris Stories December 1, 2021

The Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic UTV was just launched this morning, marking the most powerful, highest torque, and quite likely the most capable utility vehicle on the market today. 

Oh, and it just happens to be electric.

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Polaris Stories September 21, 2021

Polaris is gearing up to release an all-new Electric Ranger UTV this December, which they confidently claim will be the “best RANGER ever.” The new electric utility vehicle could help Polaris leapfrog several years forward to the top of the electric power-sports market, but it never would have happened without a strategic partnership with Zero Motorcycles.

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Polaris Stories August 30, 2021

As the official launch of the new all-electric Polaris RANGER EV draws nearer, we’re getting our best look so far at the UTV’s performance.

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Polaris Stories July 8, 2021

We already know, based on Polaris’ own teasers, that the all-new electric Ranger will be the best Ranger that Polaris has ever offered. The company has confirmed that it will have an overall power-to-weight ratio that is dramatically higher than any current utility side-by-side. But now, we’re getting a look at how the new electric Ranger won’t just offer better performance — it will also be significantly quieter.

And believe it or not, that’s a huge deal.

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Polaris Stories June 1, 2021

The hype around the new electric Polaris RANGER is growing with each fresh look at the upcoming UTV. Now a new video is giving us a better idea of how well the vehicle works off-road, which is of course key to the utility of a UTV. At the same time, the Polaris team is also discussing how the electric UTV will outperform gas-powered UTVs.

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Polaris Stories April 29, 2021

As we’ve previously reported, Polaris is set to release a new version of the company’s electric Ranger UTV this year. Now a new teaser video is giving us a look at the prototype’s powerful towing capabilities.

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Polaris Stories March 30, 2021

In a recent press release, Optimus Ride announced a partnership with Polaris to manufacture custom-designed GEM vehicles. Under the joint agreement, an exclusive line of Polaris GEM electric low-speed vehicles (LSVs) will be re-engineered to integrate Optimus Ride’s autonomous software and hardware suite direct from the factory.

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Polaris Stories March 26, 2021

Polaris has an all-new 100% electric RANGER slated to enter the market later this year, and is now releasing the first-ever video showing it in action.

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Polaris Stories October 3, 2020

According to Polaris CEO Scott Wine, the company may be returning to the electric motorcycle space.

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Polaris Stories September 29, 2020

Polaris already had its eye on developing a series of off-road electric vehicles spanning its many product classes. And now that goal looks all but certain after a new partnership between Polaris and Zero Motorcycles to co-develop electric off-road vehicles was announced this morning.

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Polaris Stories May 20, 2016

Victory RR electric motorcycle

Victory Motorcycle announced a surprise participation at the Isle of Man TT with the newly unveiled all-electric motorcycle: Victory RR. The Victory RR is another child of Victory Motorcycle’s union with electric bike maker Brammo through their parent company Polaris. expand full story

Polaris Stories August 17, 2015

Ranger EVEarlier this year, Polaris bought the electric motorcycle maker Brammo. A few weeks ago, we wrote about Vicotry, which is a Polaris brand, unveiling the Empulse TT. As we explained, the TT is pretty much just a rebranding of Brammo’s own Empulse R, but rebranding aside, last week, Polaris unveiled the first all-new electric vehicle resulting from the acquisition of Brammo : the RANGER EV Li-Ion Polaris Pursuit Camo. expand full story

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