Net Zero Energy Stories October 18, 2021

South Korea today announced its commitment to slash its emissions by 40% of 2018 levels by 2030, compared to an initial 26.3% goal that the country set in 2020.

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Net Zero Energy Stories April 27, 2021

New York will join the list of states signaling an end to new gas vehicle sales, as a bill banning their sale after 2035 has advanced through the state legislature. It now heads to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk where it is expected to be signed.

This bill makes New York State the second US state to pass a gas car ban legislatively, behind Washington State, which set a 2030 target. California and Massachusetts have also set 2035 targets for the end of gas car sales, though those states made their commitments through executive action by their respective governors, Gavin Newsom (D) and Charlie Baker (R).

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Net Zero Energy Stories October 22, 2019

The UK builds its first net-zero-energy neighborhood

UK developers Ssassy Property are building Springfield Meadows in Abingdon, Oxfordshire — 25 net zero houses that will be powered entirely by solar energy.

Net Zero Energy Stories October 1, 2016

Toyota of Corvallis, Oregon seeking to become the world’s very first net zero energy dealership

Right on the heels of the Prius Prime making its round across various news outlets, we now have information that a newly opened, 34,800 square-foot Toyota dealership in Corvallis, Oregon will be seeking to receive their LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy certifications over the next 14 months as data is collected.

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