tesla wall connector Stories January 15, 2019

Tesla is launching today a new Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug – the automaker’s first non-hardwired Wall Connector for a home charging solution. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories October 11, 2018

Tesla is launching a new charging accessory today: a new Gloss Black Wall Connector for Model S, Model X, or Model 3. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories August 23, 2017

When buying a Tesla Wall Connector, new Model S and Model X owners had to choose between a 8.5′ or 24′ cable.

The $50 difference between the two made it easy to go with the 24′ for maximum flexibility, but now Tesla is even reducing the price down by another 10%. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories May 30, 2016


Tesla has recently been reducing the price of its chargers quite significantly. We reported last month on the automaker offering an updated and cheaper ‘Tesla Wall Connector’ after unveiling its refreshed Model S. Now Tesla updated its ‘Mobile Connector’ and like the Wall Connector, its main update is a significantly cheaper price. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories April 25, 2016

destination charger europe

We have been talking about its imminent launch for weeks now, but finally it’s here. Tesla officially launched the ‘Destination Charging’ program in Europe with 150 new chargers this morning. You can see an excerpt of the new map above or the interactive map here. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories April 18, 2016

unboxing tesla wall connector

We reported last week that following the unveiling of the updated Model S and its new high amperage charger, Tesla released a new cheaper and upgraded ‘Tesla Wall Connector’. Despite being listed as “currently unavailable”, it seems like Tesla has already shipped at least one as the first unboxing video is already available. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories April 12, 2016

High Power Wall Connector

While the Tesla Model S grabbed much of the attention today with its redesign and a few new features, the automaker also quietly released a new ‘Tesla Wall Connector’ on its equipment website, which went virtually unnoticed.

The new charger is rated at up to 80 amps, just like the previous version, but it’s now significantly cheaper starting at $500 instead of $750, and it now features a “power sharing” function. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories August 20, 2015


Today, Airbnb announced a partnership with Tesla to install charging stations at some Airbnb host locations. Eligible Airbnb hosts will receive a free Tesla Wall Connector, but they will have to pay for the installation, which can cost between $200 and $900 according to Airbnb. The program is already in place in California with 9 locations equipped with charging stations (see picture below). expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories August 3, 2015

Tesla is having perception issues in regard to charging their cars in Asia. Today, to further develop their charging networks in the region, they announced a partnership with Hang Lung Properties, a Hong Kong based real estate developer, in order to install destination chargers at six shopping malls in mainland China. expand full story

tesla wall connector Stories June 6, 2015

We recently learned that Tesla Motors has been unofficially selling a new charging station which looks just like a Tesla Supercharger, but with a limited output of 60KW versus the 120KW regular Superchargers are capable of.

Tesla operates two different types of charging networks, the “Superchargers” and “Destination Charging“. Supercharger stations can charge a Model S at a rate of more than 300 miles of range per hour and they are mainly located next to popular routes to facilitate road trips.

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