Tesla has recently been reducing the price of its chargers quite significantly. We reported last month on the automaker offering an updated and cheaper ‘Tesla Wall Connector’ after unveiling its refreshed Model S. Now Tesla updated its ‘Mobile Connector’ and like the Wall Connector, its main update is a significantly cheaper price.

The company was previously offering a bundle version of the mobile charger (with two adapters and a storage bag) for $650, now it is offered for only $550 and an option without the adapters is also available for $520.

Tesla includes a charger with every vehicle – making it less popular as an additional device, but it can always be purchased to be left at different locations instead of keeping it in the vehicle. It’s less intrusive than the Wall Connector since it doesn’t need any installation, but it only goes up to 40 amp, unlike the Wall Connector which can go up to 80 amp.

The automaker describes the charger on its website:

“The Corded Mobile Connector has an integrated 240 volt 50 amp rated plug for high power output. A seamless design provides a low profile connection, allowing for use with covered outdoor outlets.”

Here are the old and new devices:

They don’t look much different, but the power unit seems to have lost its light indicator on the bottom and like the new Wall Connector and the most recent Superchargers, the Mobile Connector seems to feature the same new push button on the handle.

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