We have been talking about its imminent launch for weeks now, but finally it’s here. Tesla officially launched the ‘Destination Charging’ program in Europe with 150 new chargers this morning. You can see an excerpt of the new map above or the interactive map here.

As we discussed before, Tesla operates two kinds of charging networks: the Superchargers, a network of DC fast charging stations for long distance driving, and the Destination Charging network; level 2 chargers installed at restaurants and hotels to charge once you arrived at your destination, hence the name.

While the program only just launched now in Europe, it has already been in operation in North America and Asia for a few years.

For Destination charging, Tesla uses the ‘Tesla Wall Connector’ , which it recently upgraded while significantly lowering the price. You can get a glimpse of the new connector with the European plug here:

Tesla is still accepting applications for new businesses. Under the Destination Charging program, Tesla offers the first 2 chargers for free or heavily discounted as long as they are installed in a “visible or convenient location”.  Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts participating in the program have to cover the electricity cost and Tesla includes the businesses in its available charging locations in its trip planner.

If you don’t own a business yourself, but you’d like to suggest a location that you think could be useful to you and other Tesla owners, you can submit your recommendations here.

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