LG Chem Stories February 5

Electric vehicle sales seem to be growing by the minute in the US. Although they still only have a tiny corner of the auto market cornered, astronomical valuations of industry leaders like Tesla offer a glimpse at the potential of a virtually nascent market. In order to bring costs down even further to entice consumers, the US has plans to amplify battery production on its home soil over the next decade. With global competitors miles ahead, does the US have the technology, or more importantly the resources, to gain ground in the EV battery market?

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LG Chem Stories December 30, 2020

LG has signed a massive agreement to reportedly invest close to $10 billion in Indonesia to make batteries in the country.

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LG Chem Stories December 17, 2020

The relationship between Tesla and LG Chem appears to be growing stronger lately, and now we learn of a new deal for the latter to supply a nickel-based battery to the automaker, according to a new report.

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LG Chem Stories December 2, 2020

LG Chem plans to apparently more than double its battery cell production in order to support demand from one of its newer customers: Tesla.

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LG Chem Stories October 21, 2020

LG Chem, who recently started supplying Tesla with cylindrical battery cells, announced that it is preparing to triple cylindrical cell production.

The company even hinted that it would make its own battery cells like Tesla’s new 4680 cell.

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LG Chem Stories September 28, 2020

Tesla is looking to acquire a stake in LG’s upcoming separated battery business, according to a surprising new report.

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LG Chem Stories July 3, 2020

Tesla has reportedly secured more battery supply from LG Chem who is going to assign capacity from a Korean factory to the California-based automaker. expand full story

LG Chem Stories April 28, 2020

The Korea Herald reports that pre-pandemic shortages of battery supply, which caused delays for European automakers, have been made worse by the global crisis. The situation became urgent enough for the Polish government to waive travel restrictions, allowing 200 LG Chem technicians to resume expansion of its battery gigafactory in Wroclaw.

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LG Chem Stories February 25, 2020

Lucid just announced the Dream Edition of the Lucid Air to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show (NYIAS) in April will be powered by the LG Chem cells. Cylindrical cells from the global battery supplier were selected due to their energy density and high availability.

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LG Chem Stories December 5, 2019

GM has announced a new joint-venture with LG Chem to build their own battery gigafactory, which will have 30 GWh of annual capacity, in Ohio.

The two companies promise a new “industry-leading cost per kilowatt hours” in GM’s future electric vehicles. expand full story

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