LG Chem Stories August 23

Tesla has reportedly signed a battery supply deal with LG Chem for Gigafactory 3 in China. It would be Tesla’s first deal to supply battery cells for its electric vehicles with a company other than Panasonic. expand full story

LG Chem Stories July 11

LG Chem, one of the leading producers of Li-Ion battery cells for electric cars, is working on a potential new billion-dollar US battery cell factory. expand full story

LG Chem Stories April 30

LG Chem, one of the top battery suppliers for electric vehicles, filed federal lawsuits against SK Innovation (SKI), another top battery supplier for electric vehicles, over allegedly stealing trade secrets. expand full story

LG Chem Stories February 21

VW has long been considering to build its own gigafactories to produce a high number of battery cells for its upcoming electric vehicles, but we now learn that LG reportedly killed the plans by threatening to cut VW’s current battery cell supply. expand full story

LG Chem Stories November 30, 2018

Demand for electric vehicle batteries is rising at an incredible pace, and battery manufacturers like LG Chem are trying to keep up and accelerate their investments.

LG announced this week that it is investing half a billion in its Polish battery factory to increase production to an impressive 70 GWh per year. expand full story

LG Chem Stories October 8, 2018

With new electric vehicles coming to market at an increasing pace and demand growing rapidly, securing battery suppliers is becoming a top priority for automakers serious about electrification.

In order to do that, VW created a ‘task force’ with battery supplier LG Chem. expand full story

LG Chem Stories May 17, 2018

China’s protectionist laws are currently being relaxed when it comes to electric vehicles, but there are still some rigorous restrictions. For example, Chinese electric vehicles need to be powered by Chinese batteries.

A new report now shows that Geely found a workaround for Volvo’s electric vehicles by using Korean batteries made in China and the competition isn’t happy about it. expand full story

LG Chem Stories October 12, 2017

LG is trying to position itself as an important new auto supplier for the transition to electric vehicles. The Chevy Bolt EV helped them recently since they manufacture several of the most important systems for the electric car, especially the battery pack through its LG Chem division.

Now the company announced that it will support the production of 100,000 electric cars per year with new battery factory in Poland. expand full story

LG Chem Stories February 17, 2017


Korea-based electronic giant LG is making most of the components that make the Chevy Bolt EV an electric vehicle, including the battery pack, electric motor, and power electronics, and the battery packs for the Volt. Therefore, its production capacity will determine GM’s total output for what is currently its only all-electric vehicle in production.

In what could be a good sign for the Bolt EV and the Volt, LG announced this week an expansion of its production facility in Holland, Michigan. expand full story

LG Chem Stories December 19, 2016


Earlier this month, Lucid Motors announced a partnership with Samsung SDI to supply a custom li-ion battery cell that they developed with the Korean electronic giant for Lucid’s all-electric sedan, which they finally unveiled last week.

Today, the automaker announced that they secured a second battery cell supply contract – this time with LG Chem. expand full story

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