electric racing Stories April 11, 2020

The Formula E electric-vehicle racing series was conceived in 2011. Nearly a decade later, EVs are well on the way to mass commercialization. Airspeeder, the first motorsports program for electric flying cars, this week announced raising a seven-figure sum to launch its series. Founders of the flying EV series believe it could accelerate progress toward mainstream sustainable, electric air mobility.

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electric racing Stories January 2, 2020

What would happen if you took the power of a Tesla motor and stuffed it into a glorified go-kart? You’d get a crazy powerful electric race car just like this one!

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electric racing Stories June 7, 2019

The world-famous – and famously deadly – Isle of Man TT race is going on this week, and alongside the gas superbike races there’s an electric-only TT Zero class racing in its tenth year.

In this year’s race, Michael Rutter and Team Mugen set a new electric superbike lap record for the course, with a 121.91mph (196.2km/h) lap in 18:34.172.  This narrowly beats the previous record by about a second, and about a tenth of a mile per hour.  This is Rutter’s fifth win of the TT Zero.

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electric racing Stories March 11, 2019

For the first time ever, the 24 Hours of Lemons race will include an electric car category. The event, which features cheap, inexpensive cars battling it out over 24 hours, is set to award the first ever electric-class winner with 1 Million nickels (or $50,000, for those that don’t want to do the math).

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electric racing Stories December 15, 2015

FORMULA_E_FW2_Device-Desktop_1366x550_tcm97-231323_desktop_1366x550Today Jaguar officially announced that it will join the third season of the Formula E championship. The company also unveiled the design of its all-electric race car. The company says it will use the Formula E platform as a “test bed” for its electric powertrain technology. expand full story

electric racing Stories October 22, 2015

Formula E, which starts its second season on Saturday, announced that Leonardo DiCaprio will promote electric vehicles for the organisation and become Chairman of the championship’s newly created ‘Sustainability Committee’.

The committee will focus on promoting the mass adoption of electric vehicles and the “long term imprint” of the Formula E in the cities where it races. expand full story

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