Yamaha Stories January 19

It’s been a big few days for Gogoro, with Yamaha announcing a new electric scooter using the company’s swappable batteries just hours after a big funding announcement.

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Yamaha Stories January 7

Yamaha’s first real attempt at an electric scooter, the Yamaha E01, appears to be close to production. The electric scooter underwent media testing last month, giving us our first glimpse of the upcoming electric two-wheeler.

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Yamaha Stories December 27, 2021

When Yamaha announced that the company would unveil two electric scooters for both the European and Asian markets next year, they also shared which concepts the new scooters would be drawn from. It turns out that the Yamaha E01 and E02 electric scooter concepts will both be headed for production.

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Yamaha Stories May 5, 2021

Yamaha has been slowly clawing its way back to relevance in the electric motorcycle industry, determined not to be passed by a new wave of electric two-wheeler startups. Now we’re getting our first look at the production version of the upcoming Yamaha E01 electric scooter, which could be a big leap forward for the company.

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Yamaha Stories April 13, 2021

Yamaha Motors has just unveiled a new oil-cooled electric motor combined with inverter and reduction gearbox with claimed industry-leading power density.

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Yamaha Stories March 2, 2021

Honda, Yamaha, KTM, and Piaggio have inked a deal to work together on developing swappable batteries for light electric vehicles such as electric motorcycles and scooters.

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Yamaha Stories February 17, 2021

No one can accuse of Yamaha of racing too quickly toward electrification of its two-wheeled lineup. But it appears the company might be slowly lifting its dragging feet after filing a new trademark for an electric scooter.

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Yamaha Stories January 7, 2021

Yamaha, and frankly all of the major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, have been slow to embrace electric motorcycles and scooters. This hesitation has opened the door to countless startups that have risen to meet the demand with quick progress.

Now Yamaha may be looking to play catchup and prevent the motorcycle giant from losing future market share.

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Yamaha Stories July 8, 2020

Yamaha is back with a new electric bicycle for the US market. This time it is the Yamaha Civante, and it’s the fastest electric bike they’ve offered yet in the US.

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Yamaha Stories October 10, 2019

Yamaha is headed to the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 later this month and is set to show off a wide range of new electric vehicles. From electric motorcycles and scooters to e-bikes and even a few oddities, Yamaha is going to have quite the EV spread on display.

And instead of making everyone wait on the edge of their seats for a few more weeks, Yamaha has unveiled some of its new goods early. You’ll find the most interesting Yamaha EVs below.

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Yamaha Stories June 10, 2019

Yamaha has just debuted their new electric scooter, the Yamaha EC-05. It was formed out of a partnership with Taiwanese electric scooter company Gogoro.

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Yamaha Stories March 18, 2019

Gravel bikes are a category of bicycles growing nearly as quickly as electric bicycles. While sales are stagnant or dropping in pretty much every other category, both gravel bikes and e-bikes are seeing impressive growth. So it only makes sense that the two should blend into an e-bike that is just as comfortable on asphalt as on the trail.

Yamaha’s new Wabash electric gravel bike seeks to set the standard for electric gravel bikes. I was invited by Yamaha to join the first exclusive test ride of the Wabash. And I’m glad I did, because this was perhaps the most fun I’ve had on an e-bike in a long time. Read on to see why.

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Yamaha Stories September 5, 2018

Much better known for its motorcycles, Yamaha Motor Corporation is entering new waters in the US as their electric bicycles have now reached retailers in the country.

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Yamaha Stories October 19, 2015

pic_002The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is starting next week and several manufacturers already announced the debut of new electric vehicles, including Nissan’s Teatro and Mitsubishi’s eX, now Yamaha says it will unveil 6 new concepts, including a new two-wheel drive all-electric motorcycle and an electric car. expand full story

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