Charging Stories September 3, 2020

For electric vehicle owners, figuring out the right charging method, installing a charger at home, and navigating the available government or utility rebates can be overwhelming, according to a HomeServe survey of 500 EV owners. Home repair and improvement company HomeServe operates in the UK, US, Canada, France, Spain, and Japan.

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Charging Stories April 22, 2020

The Tesla Model 3 didn’t go on sale until halfway through 2017. But in less than three years, the Model 3 has radically shifted how and when EV drivers charge their cars. That comes through loud and clear when comparing the charging patterns of EVs in 2014 and 2019. FleetCarma, which helps utilities understand and manage EV charging, today published data based on a new study of 3,900 electric vehicles.

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Charging Stories June 5, 2018

Tesla has been slowly deploying its solar products and energy storage systems on its own charging network in order to have their fleet drive on solar power, but the same products can also benefit all other electric vehicles.

With that mindset, a company in the Netherlands just added Tesla Powerpacks to a universal charging station with solar arrays in order to allow local EV owners to drive on sunlight day or night. expand full story

Charging Stories May 5, 2016


EV charging station maker and network operator, ChargePoint, announced that it closed a significant funding round with $50 million to expand infrastructure to new countries and ramp up its residential business. A couple of venture capitalist firms and electricity company Constellation Energy participated in the round of funding.

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Charging Stories April 1, 2016


Tesla CEO Elon Musk walked on stage tonight with a smile on his face after over 100,000 people reserved his company’s new vehicle without even having seen it. After going through his secret master plan again to set up the Model 3 as the “next logical step”, he revealed a few specs before unveiling the car itself.

The car is absolutely stunning and exactly like we described in our exclusive leak yesterday:

“It looks like a smaller hybrid of the Model X and S. It is a bit taller sedan with a unique front that looks more like a Model X than a Model S. The car is shorter and narrower than either the model X or S but is described as “sexy and sporty”.

The fascia is indeed reminiscent of the Model X’s, but combined with the headlights, it gives the 3 its unique look. expand full story

Charging Stories January 20, 2016

Luxe and Tesla

The on-demand valet parking service Luxe is partnering with Tesla Motors to launch a pilot program in New York and San Francisco for an exclusive parking and charging experience for Tesla owners. expand full story

Charging Stories November 18, 2015

Ford will offer 3 years of free charging to 2016 C-MAX Energi owners via EVgo

Ford joins the ranks of Tesla and Nissan by offering some form of free charging to new plug-in owners. The company will give customers in California and Maryland who purchase or lease a 2016 Ford C-MAX Energi access to 500 EVgo charging stations for 3 years.

You can read the full press release below:

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