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Rivian Electric Van

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Amazon meeting holiday demand with fleet of over 1,000 Rivian electric vehicle delivery vans


The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you know what that means – Amazon’s delivery fleet will be out in full force. However, this year may look a little … cleaner, as the e-commerce giant says over 1,000 Rivian electric delivery vans (EDVs) are set to make their first holiday-season appearance.

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Rivian shows off custom fleet of electric mobile service vans and R1T pickups in video walkthrough

Rivian service

American EV automaker Rivian is rolling out a new all-electric fleet of mobile service vehicles to support the growing number of R1T pickups and R1S SUVs hitting roads around the US. In addition to the images we’ve captured below, you’ll see a video posted by CEO RJ Scaringe, showing Rivian Vans and R1Ts being outfitted with a range mobile service equipment.

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Rivian’s minivan image in patent offers an exercise in imagination more than anything

Rivian minivan

Images discovered by a member of Rivian Forums show Rivian has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark office for a sliding door on a dual-guide-rail. Interestingly enough, the images in the patent show the door on a minivan-style vehicle. Before speculation runs rampant, we want to point out that this patent is one of hundreds filed by the automaker and likely does not allude to a future Rivian minivan. However, it does present a growing niche Rivian would be well suited to fill.

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Watch Rivian’s Amazon van deliver packages, complete with terrible noisemaker

Rivian’s upcoming Amazon delivery van has been spotted in the wild in the Los Angeles area, seemingly being used in some sort of test capacity in the real world.

It looks about as we expected it would, but one surprise stands out: a loud “pedestrian-warning” noisemaker that sounds as unpleasant as our worst fears.

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4 electric car brand alternatives that aren’t Tesla

Rivian Lucid Lordstown NIO

If you’re reading this article, you know Tesla. You may even be reading this from inside your Model 3 as it’s docked at a Supercharger. As we desperately scramble away from the ceaseless test of will that was 2020, we look toward to the new year with newfound hope and optimism. 2021 is a big year for everyone and everything, including electric vehicles. To help keep you in the know for the future, here are several of the best Tesla alternatives and where they currently lie on their journey up the EV ladder.

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Under new postmaster general, a Trump donor, electric mail trucks get postponed again

The boxy, American postal truck now in service across the US is built on specs from 1994, with a design dating back to 1984. While Amazon is moving forward with electrifying its fleet of delivery vehicles, plans for the US Postal Service to modernize its trucks have stagnated for more than a decade. Now, under Trump’s new postal chief, plans for a fuel-efficient delivery vehicle are once again postponed.