Tesla Motors announced the renewal of its $1,000 referral program for the Model S for 2 more months after the end of the first trial period on October 31. It’s fair to say that the program was a success with a single Model S owner selling 100 cars in only 3 months and hundreds of top referrers selling several thousand vehicles.

The company introduced a few new prizes for top referrers including free Ludicrous P90D Model S’s and invitations to the unveiling of the Model 3 expected in late March 2016.

Here are the new prizes:

Some argued that the program is not legal and might be creating “rogue car salesmen”. When making a referral, the Model S owner received $1,000 in Tesla credits which can be put toward the purchase of a vehicle, accessories or services, and the new buyers gets $1,000 off the purchase of his new Model S. Tesla had already modified the offer in certain states, like in Virginia, to credit $2,000 to the new buyer and $0 to the referrer in order to comply with the regulations.

Now it seems Tesla only apply the $1,000 credit for the new buyers in the new program, and the prizes are the only incentives for the referrers.

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