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Porsche Mission E

Porsche's first all-electric vehicle

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The Porsche Mission E is an all-electric concept vehicle that the automaker greenlighted for production in late 2015. It should make it to market by 2020.

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Porsche Mission E Grand Tourismo prototype shown charging at 250kW (2x Tesla)

Mission E 250kW charging

We’ve all been waiting for faster charging, because until now, Tesla’s been at the top of the heap with its ~120kW Superchargers which have pretty much plateaued since their debut 5 years ago. Porsche of course has been touting its 800V 350kW charging system for its Taycan and Mission E prototypes…


‘Tesla is not a benchmark for us’, says Porsche after benchmarking Mission E against the Model S

Everything points to Porsche positioning the Mission E, its first all-electric, to compete against Tesla’s Model S, but now CEO Oliver Blume claims that it is not the case.

The executive said that ‘Tesla is not a benchmark for us’ even though Porsche was spotted benchmarking the Mission E against the Model S just a few months ago. Expand

Porsche claims all-electric Mission E will maintain high-speeds longer than Tesla’s Model S

We know that for a while now Porsche has been benchmarking its upcoming first all-electric vehicle, the Mission E, against Tesla’s Model S.

While the latter’s current version seems to already beat many announced performance specs of the former, we have always believed that track performance and long high power outputs could be areas of focus to improve on for Porsche in this new electric car.

Now the company has confirmed it and took a swipe at Tesla in the process. Expand

Porsche is working hard to sell its electric transformation to its motorhead fans

Despite the fact that Porsche still doesn’t have an all-electric vehicle on the market, the German automaker made it clear that they are all-in on the electrification of their lineup.

Now, they are working hard to sell this electric transformation to their motorhead fans ahead of the release of their first all-electric car. Expand

Porsche exec talks battery and charging technology for upcoming Mission E, will let you reserve public charge points

Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle, the Mission E, is one of the most anticipated EVs coming by the end of the decade. This is due to the performance automaker’s ambition to make it competitive with gas-powered cars – even on the track.

Today, the German automaker releases more information about the battery and charging technology enabling the upcoming Mission E. Expand