Porsche Mission E Overview Updated October 10, 2017

Porsche Mission E

Porsche's first all-electric vehicle

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December 2015 - October 2017

The Porsche Mission E is an all-electric concept vehicle that the automaker greenlighted for production in late 2015. It should make it to market by 2020.

Porsche Mission E Stories October 10

In case you had doubts about the existence of Porsche’s promised 800-volt ultra-fast charging system for the Mission E, the German automaker’s upcoming first all-electric vehicle, the company showcased the development electric car used to test the technology. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories October 4

We often poke fun at the media for calling every new electric car a ‘Tesla killer’ and while we certainly wouldn’t call Porsche’s upcoming Mission E a ‘Tesla killer’, the German premium automaker is undoubtedly going after Tesla with the vehicle. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories September 27

Porsche is gearing up to bring to production its first all-electric vehicle, the Mission E, within the next two years.

We now get a close look at the latest Mission E prototype as Porsche brought the vehicle to every automaker’s favorite market to first launch new electric cars; Norway. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories September 15

Porsche’s Mission E is probably one of the most anticipated all-electric vehicles coming by the end of the decade. Its design already won awards and it expected to launch the 350 kW ultra fast-charging technology developed by the company.

One missing piece of the puzzle was the price and the automaker has now confirmed that it will start at around $86,000 – making it competitive with some versions of Tesla’s Model S. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories July 14

Well, Porsche wasn’t kidding about jumping directly to a 350 kW charging infrastructure for its first all-electric vehicle, the upcoming Mission E.

While the vehicle is not expected until 2019, the German automaker opened new offices in Berlin today and with it, they decided to deploy their first two 350 kW chargers. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories June 26

It wasn’t long ago that Porsche claimed all-electric powertrains didn’t offer enough performance to reach the level that their customers expect from the premium German brand.

As their work on their first all-electric vehicle progresses, they are now changing their view on the technology and CEO Oliver Blume now says that he expects half of Porsche’s production to be electric by 2023. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories April 5

Well it’s not exactly surprising since Porsche and Audi are both premium automakers under the Volkswagen group, but they made it official today. The two German automakers announced that they are now sharing a vehicle architecture strategy for “electrification, digitization, and autonomous driving.”

They will cooperate and create teams from both companies to work on the next generation of vehicles coming out of each brand. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories March 29

Yesterday, we reported on Elon Musk killing any hope of a head-up display in the Model 3, which leaves only hope for autonomous driving and the mysterious “spaceship-like” steering controls to explain the lack of an instrument cluster.

We have now learned that the designer in charge of the Model 3’s steering wheel is responsible for the praised interior of Porsche’s Mission E. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories March 16

Porsche’s upcoming first all-electric vehicle, currently known as the Mission E, is among the most anticipated of a series of premium all-electric vehicles planned to hit the market in the next 3 years. The German automaker revealed most of their plans for the vehicle in 2015 when they unveiled the first concept, but they are continuously releasing new tidbits to keep the hype going.

CEO Oliver Blume released a few more details this week on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show. expand full story

Porsche Mission E Stories March 9

Tesla’s strategy has clearly inspired the electrification plans of several automakers and new startups. For example, former GM executive Bob Lutz admitted that Tesla’s Roadster pushed him to make the Chevy Volt happen.

Now Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess admits that what Tesla did with the Model S forced the automaker to rethink its plans for the Phaeton. expand full story

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