Lincoln Stories April 28, 2020

The effects of the global pandemic are expected to force automakers into alliances to cover development costs for expensive technology. But Ford confirmed today that it canceled plans to use Rivian’s electric skateboard platform for a Lincoln-badged electric vehicle. Ford still plans to produce a Lincoln EV but is using its own technology.

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Lincoln Stories January 29, 2020

Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand announced a new partnership with Rivian to build “an all-new fully electric vehicle” using the latter’s electric platform. expand full story

Lincoln Stories November 26, 2019

Ford will leverage their investment in automotive startup Rivian to build an electric SUV for their Lincoln brand, Reuters reports.

The Lincoln will use Rivian’s “skateboard” chassis, which Rivian also plans to use in their R1S SUV.

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Lincoln Stories October 7, 2019

Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand, released its new charging station, and it’s a clear rip-off of Tesla’s Supercharger design.

However, I say they shouldn’t stop there and copy Tesla’s entire Supercharging business model. expand full story

Lincoln Stories January 16, 2019

While we have seen many electric cars at the Detroit Auto Show, several automakers have promised new EVs on the sidelines of the show.

Now, Lincoln is adding itself to the list by confirming that they are making an electric car based on Ford’s Mustang-inspired EV. expand full story

Lincoln Stories March 23, 2016


When I saw the concept this morning, I didn’t think I was going to report on it since it has nothing to do with electric vehicles, yet I somehow had the feeling it will come up because of the doors. Sure enough, tech publications have been reporting that Lincoln’s new Navigator concept features Tesla’s Falcon Wing doors, which is simply inaccurate and I expects people will make a bad habit of it. expand full story

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