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Ford F150 Lightning

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Ford Pro pairs new E-Transit/F-150 Lightning with VIIZR Salesforce telematics over wine in Sonoma

Ford Pro Winery
  • Ford’s versatile E-Transit 126-mile electric sprinter/cargo/van platform began production from its Kansas City, Missouri plant. Deliveries begin in a few weeks. I drove it, but drive impressions have to wait.
  • Ford is super high on its own supply of Telematics software but equally high on its new Salesforce partnership for software and services.
  • I came to California to drive a Ford F-150 Lightning and I got two awesome days in Sonoma meeting Francis Ford Coppola, chatting with some great Ford engineers/execs, drinking some amazing wine, and driving an electric sprinter van (not in that order).

We learned a lot this week as Ford flew us out to Sonoma, CA, and took us to some winery businesses that would soon be using not only electric Ford Pro vehicles but would also be using its telematics software stack to manage everything about them.

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Check out the Ford F-150 Lightning up close with a 3D, AR experience through Google

F-150 Lightning 3D

Who said you have to wait until 2022 to see a new Ford F-150 Lightning in your driveway? Together with the help of Google, Ford just launched “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere,” a 3D, augmented reality experience available anywhere using your smartphone. (The link is here.) The 3D animations allow you to browse through variations of the upcoming electric pickup, while the AR function lets you place a Lightning truck in front of you to visualize it in real life.

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Ford survey hints at specifics in F-150 Lightning package pricing

Ford F-150 Lightning

We’ve not seen excitement over an EV quite like the fervor over the F-150 Lightning – and for good reason. The F-150 package combined with the ability to use the huge battery power to power a worksite or back up a home combined with the speed and power of EVs is a tantalizing cocktail.

But potential customers have only been treated so far with base prices and spec packages. Ford this week, however, gave a better idea of what the different packages might contain and, more importantly, some price points.

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