Faraday Future FF91 Stories May 24

EV startup Faraday Future is celebrating the grand opening of what it’s calling the FF Futurist Experience in New York City, allowing the public to see its upcoming FF 91 EV up-close for the first time. This experience will coincide with Faraday Future’s pending SPAC merger to promote its flagship vehicle while the deal finalizes.

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Faraday Future FF91 Stories May 19

Faraday Future has unveiled a new feature in its FF91 electric vehicle: a 27-inch backseat screen with a video conferencing feature.

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Faraday Future FF91 Stories March 2

We continue to spotlight up-and-coming or lesser-known electric vehicle companies, with Faraday Future. The Los Angeles based-automaker has had its fair share of ups and downs and controversies around electric vehicle technologies. With its first production EV in road testing, Faraday Future remains an automaker to watch.

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Faraday Future FF91 Stories January 7, 2020

Electrek took our first ride in the Faraday Future FF 91 in Las Vegas yesterday. A Faraday test driver floored the 1,050-horsepower, limo-like sedan ­— and we held on for dear life while reclining in luxury. It was a rocket blast.

The handling was adept, thanks to the three-motor system, with torque-vectoring applied to rear wheels. The brief ride followed our exclusive interview with CEO Carsten Breitfeld about how Faraday will, finally, at last, bring a vehicle to market.

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Faraday Future FF91 Stories August 29, 2018

With the recent cash injection, Faraday Future is moving forward with the production of the FF91 electric vehicle.

The startup has now unveiled the first pre-production FF91 – pictured above – assembled at its factory in Hanford, California. expand full story

Faraday Future FF91 Stories July 24, 2018

We haven’t heard much from Faraday Future in 2018 as the troubled EV startup was trying to secure an important round of funding in order to get out of its seemingly constant financial troubles.

Now the company claims to be flush with cash after a $2 billion investment and they are getting ready to put the focus back on the FF91 all-electric crossover as they now test the vehicle at high-speed. expand full story

Faraday Future FF91 Stories March 12, 2018

Despite its many setbacks over the last few years, Faraday Future claims that it is now flush with money and still plans to launch the FF91, its first electric vehicle, by the end of the year.

The startup now teases a new fleet of prototypes ahead of the launch. expand full story

Faraday Future FF91 Stories February 14, 2018

Despite its production plan for the all-electric SUV FF91 falling apart over the last year, Faraday Future claims that it can still bring the vehicle into production by the end of the year.

The company appears so confident that it now even teases future vehicles this week. expand full story

Faraday Future FF91 Stories July 17, 2017

Despite its financial troubles, which recently led them to abandon their EV factory project in Nevada, Faraday Future has remained surprisingly good at attracting high-profile talent, like hiring former BMW/Deutsche Bank CFO Stefan Krause.

Today, the electric car start-up announced that they managed to poach BMW’s head of EVs, Ulrich Kranz, as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). expand full story

Faraday Future FF91 Stories July 6, 2017

When Faraday Future first unveiled the all-electric FF91, it was believed to be a competitor to the Tesla Model S. They even put it against Tesla’s performance sedan in drag races.

But due to its size, the all-electric vehicle could actually be closer to Tesla’s Model X. A rare look at the two vehicles side-by-side gives us a new point of comparison. expand full story

Faraday Future FF91 Stories June 26, 2017

Everywhere you look, EV records keep improving.  Our newest example is Faraday Future’s FF 91, which took on the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb this weekend and shattered the previous record for a “production” EV, set last year by a stripped but otherwise mostly unmodified Tesla P90D.  The FF 91 beat the Tesla’s time by over 20 seconds, setting a time of 11:25.083.

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Faraday Future FF91 Stories June 23, 2017

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has somewhat become a proving ground for electric vehicles over the years. A Tesla Model S set a new record for a production electric vehicle, Rimac also did an impressive job with its all-electric 1.1 MW monster racecar, and several all-electric bikes also made good impressions.

Now Faraday Future is trying to position its new FF91 has a top performance all-electric car and it is currently at Pikes Peak to prove it. expand full story

Faraday Future FF91 Stories April 11, 2017

Faraday Future’s all-electric FF91 has been dubbed a classic electric “weird-mobile” by a lot of people. A term that might have originated from Tesla CEO Elon Musk referencing the way some automakers are designing EVs to specifically look “weird”.

I tend to agree based on the prototypes that FF unveiled in January, but we now get to see a matte black beta prototype, which definitely looks more badass than the silver and white prototypes with camouflage that Faraday showed before. expand full story

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