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Here’s how the largest electric school bus transition in the US is going so far


Those big yellow diesel school buses are a thing of the past as the US moves to zero-emission transportation. For those wondering how students and drivers are reacting to the transition, the Montgomery County Public School, which currently operates the largest electric school bus fleet in the US, gives us an inside look at how it’s going so far.

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The nation’s largest electric school bus fleet providing grid demand response solutions


Maryland’s Montgomery School District has the most prominent electric school bus fleet in the US and is now unlocking the true potential behind these clean EV machines. Leading electric school bus provider Highland Electric Fleets is partnering with CPower to use the nation’s largest zero-emission bus fleet to help stabilize electricity demand, provide grid reliability, and lower energy costs.

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Electric school buses are reaching cost parity with diesel, and a California district will deploy one of the largest e-bus fleets in the state

EPA electric school buses

Lots of news in the segment of electric school buses this week, as Highland Electric Fleets signed an agreement with Thomas Built Buses to provide lower upfront costs to customers and expedite EV adoption; their letter of intent will put the price of an electric bus at cost parity with the traditional diesel option. On the opposite US coast, InCharge Energy and its partners announced a project in Southern California to deploy 42 electric school buses, calling it the largest fleet in the state.

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