Arrival Stories May 6

What Arrival is doing is revolutionary, and since our visit last July, we have been desperate to return to its R&D centre in Banbury to see how the EV startup’s electric van and bus designs have developed.

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Arrival Stories May 3

EV startup Arrival has announced a new partnership with Uber to design and develop a purpose-built EV specifically for ride-share drivers. Arrival plans to invite Uber’s drivers to participate in the design process to ensure this new “Arrival Car” meets their needs. The new partnership also looks to further a strategic relationship together in primary markets like the UK and the EU.

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Arrival Stories March 9

We embark on a new week and a fresh focus on another up and coming EV company, Arrival. The UK-based automaker offers a unique and efficient approach to electric vehicles from production through delivery. Its pipeline for manufacturing, assembly, and software keeps footprints concise and minimalistic while others are going bigger and bigger. These are some of the many reasons Arrival is an EV company to watch.

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Arrival Stories January 30, 2020

UPS announced today that they are investing in UK-based EV startup Arrival and ordering 10,000 electric delivery vans from them in order to electrify their fleet. expand full story

Arrival Stories May 9, 2018

UK-based startup Arrival has developed a neat-looking all-electric delivery truck and after scoring a contract with Royal Mail, the company has now secured an order of 35 electric trucks with UPS, which has several programs in place to electrify its massive fleet of delivery vehicles. expand full story

Arrival Stories August 23, 2017

Royal Mail, an important postal service and courier company in the UK, unveiled a new electric truck made by Arrival.

The company is starting a trial today with 3 versions of the vehicle to transport packages between its mail and distribution centres around London. expand full story

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