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Arrival Bus

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Arrival (ARVL) to reportedly shelve Bus and Uber Car to cut costs and prioritize Van deliveries

Arrival Van

Recent news out of London affirms previous statements from UK-based EV start-up Arrival – which has said it plans to cut at least one-third of its costs amid waning cash flow in order to get production of its electric Van over the starting line. The company aims to begin generating revenue off the Arrival Van before circling back to the development of its two other electric vehicles, the Bus and Car.

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We got a sneak peek of the Arrival Van ahead of US production later this year

Arrival Van US

While its initial production will begin in the UK, the Arrival Van will eventually be produced on US soil as well. In the meantime, we were able to go see the commercial EV up-close in the Big Apple and learn more about its progress first hand from Arrival President Avinash Rugoobur and CEO of Arrival North America, Mike Ableson.

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Anaheim, California, secures $2 million to purchase 5 Arrival buses

Arrival Anaheim

EV startup Arrival has announced it has been chosen as a partner by the Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) to replace Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) buses currently operating in Anaheim, California, with Arrival’s zero-emission battery-electric buses. The transition will be funded by a $2 million grant awarded to Anaheim by the US Federal Transportation Administration (FTA).

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Arrival partners with Uber to design an EV for ride-share drivers

Arrival Uber

EV startup Arrival has announced a new partnership with Uber to design and develop a purpose-built EV specifically for ride-share drivers. Arrival plans to invite Uber’s drivers to participate in the design process to ensure this new “Arrival Car” meets their needs. The new partnership also looks to further a strategic relationship together in primary markets like the UK and the EU.

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Electric vehicle spotlight (EVS): Arrival

Arrival EV

We embark on a new week and a fresh focus on another up and coming EV company, Arrival. The UK-based automaker offers a unique and efficient approach to electric vehicles from production through delivery. Its pipeline for manufacturing, assembly, and software keeps footprints concise and minimalistic while others are going bigger and bigger. These are some of the many reasons Arrival is an EV company to watch.

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