UPS Stories June 14, 2021

Electric mobility company Xos, Inc. has announced a new powertrain division called “Powered by Xos” to provide, design, and integrate its own technology for other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Contrary to other Xos ventures, Powered by Xos will focus on off-highway vehicles, including commercial and industrial applications such as heavy-duty forklifts.

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UPS Stories April 7, 2021

UPS announced that it is buying up to 150 electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft from Beta Technologies to update its delivery network.

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UPS Stories January 30, 2020

UPS announced today that they are investing in UK-based EV startup Arrival and ordering 10,000 electric delivery vans from them in order to electrify their fleet. expand full story

UPS Stories October 26, 2018

UPS has been making significant strides towards reducing the environmental impact of their delivery fleet.

Now the delivery company is expanding the rollout of their UPS electric cargo tricycles.

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UPS Stories July 31, 2018

UPS has so many electrification programs at this point that it is hard to keep up and yet, it is adding another one today.

The parcel delivery company is partnering with Los Angeles-based startup Thor to build a new electric truck. expand full story

UPS Stories June 15, 2018

Parcel delivery companies are all starting to look at electric vehicles to reduce their operating costs and their impact on air pollution.

UPS is arguably leading the way on that front as it orders a fleet of 1,000 electric vans from Workhorse as it latest electrification effort. expand full story

UPS Stories May 9, 2018

UK-based startup Arrival has developed a neat-looking all-electric delivery truck and after scoring a contract with Royal Mail, the company has now secured an order of 35 electric trucks with UPS, which has several programs in place to electrify its massive fleet of delivery vehicles. expand full story

UPS Stories March 30, 2018

UPS, which operates one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the world, has several electrification efforts and today, it got quite excited about the prospect of going all-electric as it deployed a new smart-grid technology to support its growing EV fleet in London.

So much so that it called it “breakthrough” that “signals the beginning of the end of a reliance upon traditional combustion engine powered vehicles.” expand full story

UPS Stories February 22, 2018

UPS has several ongoing electrification efforts to convert its massive fleet of delivery vehicles and today, they announced a new step in their partnership with Workhorse to build 50 all-electric delivery trucks. expand full story

UPS Stories November 10, 2017

UPS is one of the biggest fleet operators with 108,000 delivery vehicles around the world and it has several efforts to electrify this massive fleet.

Their latest effort is the conversion of ‘up to 1,500 delivery trucks’ in New York to battery-electric propulsion. expand full story

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