tesla solar Stories November 15, 2018

Tesla Energy announced today that they are reducing the prices of their solar power systems by $3,000 to $5,000 for the average homeowner.

They cite improvements in “vertical integration” as the reason for the price cut. expand full story

tesla solar Stories May 24, 2018

Ever since the island of Puerto Rico’s power grid was destroyed by hurricanes last year, power outages have plagued the island.

Tesla has been focusing on deploying solar and energy storage on the island in order to help get power back to more people quicker.

One homeowner with a Tesla Powerwall and solar array shows how it can keep the lights on and run off-grid during outages. expand full story

tesla solar Stories February 1, 2018

Since Tesla acquired SolarCity, they have shut down several of the solar installer’s marketing efforts in order to focus on using its own car showroom to promote their solar and energy storage products.

But there’s one marketing effort that they are sticking to and even expanding: a deal with Home Depot. expand full story

tesla solar Stories January 23, 2018

Tesla’s manufacturing effort at Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, which it took over as part of its acquisition of SolarCity, has seen some delays over the last year.

But the company now reiterates its commitment to expanding solar product manufacturing in the US following Trump’s solar tariff decision. expand full story

tesla solar Stories January 16, 2018

Combining more solar power with the energy consumption created by electric vehicles has long been part of Tesla’s plan, but the rollout has been disappointing to some.

But it seems to be picking up lately, and now even Tesla’s Tilburg factory gets a new massive solar array. expand full story

tesla solar Stories December 18, 2017

When it was still called ‘SolarCity’, Tesla’s solar business was so strong in the residential market that it was installing over 30% of the solar arrays in the US.

Some assumed that SolarCity was riding the growth of the industry while others suggested that the company was driving that growth.

But now that Tesla acquired the company and shifted their strategy toward fewer installations with higher profit margin, they are linked to an overall fall in installations in the market. expand full story

tesla solar Stories June 25, 2017

While most of the attention around Tesla’s effort in the solar industry is currently focused on its new solar roof tiles, the company is still installing regular solar panels under SolarCity, which is currently transitioning to become ‘Tesla Solar’.

Through that program, Tesla has now started displaying new ‘Tesla Solar’ branded solar panels in its stores. expand full story

tesla solar Stories June 21, 2017

Tesla’s solar and energy storage project with Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) in Hawaii is a perfect example to showcase the company’s new offering in the energy sector.

And it was never clearer than with this newly released drone video of the project. expand full story

tesla solar Stories May 4, 2017

Tesla has been making more moves into the commercial and utility-scale solar plus energy storage business over the past year. Recent projects like the one on the Island of Kauai and a SolarCity/Tesla Energy project in Connecticut are good examples.

Now we learn that Tesla is looking for similar projects in Argentina as a company executive visited government officials in the country last week.  expand full story

tesla solar Stories May 2, 2017

Since Tesla acquired SolarCiy in November of last year, the company has been trying to solidify the solar installer’s financials. They continued to move from leasing and offering power purchase agreements (PPA) to directly selling the systems and in December, they sold 26,000 home residential systems and 19 commercial and industrial solar projects that they owned under their plans

Today, they confirmed having sold another significant part of their solar portfolio: equity in another 36,000 solar systems. expand full story

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