tesla service Stories October 29, 2020

Tesla has told staff that it is preparing a massive push to expand service capacity as it attempts to catch up to its rapid growth in sales.

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tesla service Stories January 31, 2020

In Tesla’s Q4 update on Wednesday, it shared some information on 2020 production plans. One tidbit from these plans is that the company expects to no longer be production-constrained at the end of the year.

If this happens, it could finally mean an end to parts shortages and logistical constraints that have affected Tesla’s service departments for quite some time now. Things have certainly been getting better, but it would be nice to see that stigma of the Tesla experience disappear.

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tesla service Stories September 16, 2019

CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla is now expanding its service presence and capacity at “max speed” as the global fleet is rapidly growing. expand full story

tesla service Stories August 7, 2019

Tesla announced that it opened more than 30 new service centers over the last few months as the automaker believes service centers to be one of the main demand drivers. expand full story

tesla service Stories June 21, 2019

Tesla announced today that it is starting to do some of its own bodywork at service centers and with its mobile service technicians in order to reduce repair times. expand full story

tesla service Stories June 13, 2019

We were surprised to hear from sources that Tesla was letting go some employees in the service teams at several locations today because the automaker claims to be focusing on expanding its service coverage.

In response, Tesla told Electrek that they are still expanding service and the employees were let go in a ‘restructuring’ of the service department. expand full story

tesla service Stories March 1, 2019

Tesla is launching a mobile app feature that let owners get live service status updates about their cars when they are in service. expand full story

tesla service Stories February 2, 2019

With all the news that came out of Tesla’s earnings this week, the automaker renewed effort to improve service might have gone under the radar.

Tesla is now seriously investing in service through several different efforts including, stocking parts, detecting issues and automatically calling a tow truck and service loaner, and more. expand full story

tesla service Stories December 19, 2018

With its rapidly growing fleet, Tesla is going to have to handle a much higher volume of service requests and it’s turning to its mobile app to help. expand full story

tesla service Stories October 17, 2018

Elon Musk says that he reviewed Tesla’s service locations in North America and he realized that there are some major gaps, which he admits is a ‘foolish oversight’.

In order to remedy the situation, the CEO announced a major expansion of Tesla’s service coverage. expand full story

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