Tesla Mobile Service Stories March 19, 2020

Tesla is starting to offer a “no-touch” service experience to work on cars without the owner having to be present or unlock the vehicle, which is done remotely and with a mobile technician. expand full story

Tesla Mobile Service Stories August 23, 2018

Tesla has been increasingly relying on its mobile service fleet to improve its coverage as its customer fleet is rapidly expanding.

They have now unveiled a fun video showing the making of their modified Model S used for its expanding mobile repair service. expand full story

Tesla Mobile Service Stories May 21, 2018

With all the focus on the new Model 3 dual motor all-wheel-drive and Performance versions, there’s another Tesla announcement that went under the radar.

CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla owners will ‘soon’ be able to request service through the app and a Tesla ranger will show up to repair the car without paperwork. expand full story

Tesla Mobile Service Stories February 7, 2018

One fear of current Tesla owners, who have had to deal with long waits for certain service visits in the past, was that a huge influx of Model 3s would swamp service centers, causing even longer waits for basic service appointments.  These are reasonable concerns, since Tesla has only ever delivered on the order of 100,000 cars a year so far, and are targeting 500,000 cars a year for the Model 3 once production gets up to snuff.

In anticipation of this, Tesla has been working to add significant service capacity this year.  Today in Tesla’s Q4 earnings report, they gave us an update on their progress by noting that they have doubled service capacity over the course of the last year both through opening new locations and increasing productivity by 50% in existing locations.  Most interestingly, Tesla noted that their Mobile Service trucks are already responsible for 30% of service jobs in North America.

expand full story

Tesla Mobile Service Stories March 11, 2017

In order to reassure Model 3 reservation holders that it’s going to be able to scale its service operations, Tesla announced last month that it is expanding its ‘Ranger’ program for mobile repairs at owner’s home or office.

We now learn that the program has been renamed ‘Tesla Mobile Service’ and it got a new look. expand full story

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