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Ford is testing a robotic EV charger to assist disabled, elderly, and less mobile drivers


As EV adoption begins to grow, many drivers will face early charging issues since they’re not used to the charging process, which differs from a gas station visit. While there is certainly a learning curve, the process is relatively simple for most people. However, others may need a little more assistance. To help solve this issue, Ford Motor Company is trialling a robotic EV charger system that less mobile users can activate from their phone without leaving the vehicle, offering a new level of inclusivity that the EV community embraces.

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Introducing ZiGGY: An autonomous robot that saves you a parking spot then charges your EV

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Charging technology provider EV Safe Charge has unveiled ZiGGY – a mobile robot that can charge an EV wherever it’s parked. Through its ability to recharge itself via different energy sources and its summoning feature, ZiGGY can alleviate the need to install specific parking stalls for EV charging, as any spot can now become a spot to recharge.

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