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Cadillac Celestiq

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GM shares new details of Ultra Cruise ADAS that will debut on $300K Cadillac Celestiq


General Motors has shared more details of the technology and future capabilities we can expect to see in its next-generation Ultra Cruise ADAS, which was originally announced during its GM Investor Day presentation last year. The technology will debut on the upcoming premium Cadillac Celestiq EV in early 2024, although the exact driver assistance capabilities deployed at that time remain to be determined. Here’s what we know so far.

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Cadillac shares new details of hand-built Celestiq, including a starting price tag ‘north of $300K’

GM’s luxury brand Cadillac has shared a multitude of new details surrounding the upcoming Celestiq sedan it has been teasing for over a year and a half now. Cadillac is describing the Celestiq as its most technologically advanced and most luxurious vehicle ever, and it just may be its most expensive as well. Here’s the latest.

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