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electric vehicle fire

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Government data show gasoline vehicles are up to 100x more prone to fires than EVs

EV fires

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Unless it pertains to EV fires, as that’s more smoke and mirrors. There is an ongoing flow of misinformation publicized by the less informed (or downright malicious) purporting that electric vehicles and their battery chemistry are more prone to fires than their gasoline counterparts. Aside from the obvious argument that gasoline vehicles operate via combustion, a new study shows how much more prevalent gas vehicle fires are compared to EVs.

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A Nissan LEAF caught fire in North Texas – cause currently unknown

LEAF fireA spectacular short video posted to Youtube earlier this week shows a Nissan LEAF on fire. According to a post on the My Nissan Leaf forum, the event happened on September 1st in North Texas.

This is quite possibly to first reported instance of a Nissan LEAF catching fire even though Nissan sold over 180,000 LEAFs to date worldwide.