car sharing Stories April 22

We’ve written before about car sharing platforms being used by EV owners, particularly Tesla owners, to make a little side money with their cars.  Turo is the biggest example of this, and they’ve shared some statistics with us about their platform showing that EVs are quite popular there and gaining steam much faster than the rest of the site.

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car sharing Stories November 5, 2018

Lime is reportedly preparing to upgrade from Lime bikes and scooters to small Lime electric cars, with tests planned soon in Seattle. The move would put them in increasingly direct competition with ride-share services such as Uber and Lyft.

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car sharing Stories January 21, 2016

After its recent investment in Lyft and its acquisition of Sidecar, General Motors announced today its own new car-sharing service under a new “mobility brand” called “Maven”.

The company says Maven will incorporate multiple programs with the single mission “to give customers access to highly personalized, on-demand mobility services”. expand full story

car sharing Stories January 4, 2016

GM announced a $500 million investment in car-sharing company Lyft to create an integrated network of on-demand autonomous vehicles in the U.S. expand full story

car sharing Stories November 27, 2015

Tianjin will get a fleet of 1,000 EVs for a new car-sharing program

Kandi announced a deal with Pang Da to bring a fleet of 1,000 electric vehicles to Tianjin for a new car-sharing program – one of the biggest of its kind. The program will use Kandi’s Smart-looking K10 EV with 93 miles (150 km) of range on a single charge. All the cars should be delivered by the end of the year.

Full press release below:

car sharing Stories November 11, 2015

Over 500 people signed up for BlueIndy, Indianapolis’ all-electric car sharing program

After its first full month of service, BlueIndy announced that over 500 people have signed up for the all-electric car sharing program. The company is operating over 25 stations in Indianapolis hosting up to 5 cars each.

The price structure of the program is fairly simple. Drivers need to pay a 10$ per month membership fee if you sign-up for 1 year and then $4 for the first 20 minutes of use of a Bluecar and $0.20 per additional minute.

car sharing Stories October 6, 2015

BMW pulls the plug on its electric car-sharing program in San Francisco

BMW’s DriveNow program, which gives users access to a fleet of BMW i3’s to rent by the minute, is shutting down in San Francisco indefinitely because the automaker and city officials can’t come to an understanding over parking permit regulations according to Auto News.

San Francisco was the only U.S. city in which the program was in place. DriveNow is more active in Europe. BMW recently delivered 400 i3’s in Copenhagen to expand the car-sharing program in Denmark.

car sharing Stories October 1, 2015

GM CEO Mary Barra made a series of announcement today about the “future of personal mobility”, most notable of which a new plan for autonomous Chevy Volt to be available to GM employees to drive on private property next year.

A fleet of 2017 Volt equipped with GM’s self-driving technology will be made available in late 2016 for GM employees to reserve through a new car-sharing app and drive around the company’s Warren Technical Center campus in Michigan. expand full story

car sharing Stories September 2, 2015

Today Indianapolis is officially launching BlueIndy, its all-electric car sharing program. The program has been in the work for quite sometime now, but today 25 stations hosting up to 5 cars each are up-and-running.

BlueIndy is modeled after the car sharing programs, like Autolib in Paris, operated by the Bolloré Group in Europe and it uses the same car, the Bluecar, manufactured in partnership between the France-based Bolloré Group and the Italian automotive company Cecomp. expand full story

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