Kandi Stories November 10, 2021

Kandi America has introduced a new off-road, all-wheel-drive EV model in the US, set to deliver in Q1of 2022. While the K32 EV may resemble a pickup truck at first glance, Kandi America classifies it as a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), given its smaller battery and power rating compared to other passenger EVs. The K32 will come in two variations starting at $27,700, possibly less with federal and state tax incentives considered.

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Kandi Stories February 16, 2021

Tesla continues to grow in market value and most recently, in crypto currency. Being No. 1 puts an “x” on the American automaker’s back, but it also helps fuel a healthy pool of Tesla competitors, especially in China. Below are several of the big names making extensive gains in the Asian auto market. These companies are already challenging Tesla in China, and some may bring the competition to American soil next.

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Kandi Stories November 4, 2020

Chinese electric startup Kandi announces that its small K27 electric car has been approved for California roads and it is going to cost only $7,999 in the state after incentives.

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Kandi Stories August 20, 2020

Chinese EV maker Kandi announced today that it is actively looking to build an electric car factory in North America.

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Kandi Stories August 18, 2020

Kandi, a Chinese electric car manufacturer, is launching its electric cars in the US, and it has reduced the price under $10,000 with the federal tax credit for the launch.

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Kandi Stories July 30, 2020

Chinese electric carmaker Kandi announced that it is bringing its electric vehicles to the US, making them the new cheapest electric cars in America — starting at $12,999 after federal tax credit.

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Kandi Stories February 20, 2019

China’s Kandi says it has received approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to import two of its electric cars to the U.S.

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Kandi Stories August 28, 2018

Kandi, an important electric vehicle manufacturer in China, is officially entering the US market with two new electric vehicles launched in Texas last week.

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Kandi Stories November 27, 2015

Tianjin will get a fleet of 1,000 EVs for a new car-sharing program

Kandi announced a deal with Pang Da to bring a fleet of 1,000 electric vehicles to Tianjin for a new car-sharing program – one of the biggest of its kind. The program will use Kandi’s Smart-looking K10 EV with 93 miles (150 km) of range on a single charge. All the cars should be delivered by the end of the year.

Full press release below:

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