BlueIndy Stories November 11, 2015

Over 500 people signed up for BlueIndy, Indianapolis’ all-electric car sharing program

After its first full month of service, BlueIndy announced that over 500 people have signed up for the all-electric car sharing program. The company is operating over 25 stations in Indianapolis hosting up to 5 cars each.

The price structure of the program is fairly simple. Drivers need to pay a 10$ per month membership fee if you sign-up for 1 year and then $4 for the first 20 minutes of use of a Bluecar and $0.20 per additional minute.

BlueIndy Stories September 2, 2015

Today Indianapolis is officially launching BlueIndy, its all-electric car sharing program. The program has been in the work for quite sometime now, but today 25 stations hosting up to 5 cars each are up-and-running.

BlueIndy is modeled after the car sharing programs, like Autolib in Paris, operated by the Bolloré Group in Europe and it uses the same car, the Bluecar, manufactured in partnership between the France-based Bolloré Group and the Italian automotive company Cecomp. expand full story

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