Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT becomes first Level 3 autonomous driving system to be certified for US roads

Mercedes autonomous

Mercedes-Benz may be celebrating on the casino floor in Las Vegas right now – it has announced its DRIVE PILOT conditional autonomous driving system has been authorized for use on public roads, beginning in Nevada. DRIVE PILOT now sits as the only SAE Level 3 system in a production EV certified for operation as Mercedes looks to expand further west this year.

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Segway’s latest Ninebot electric scooters see first discounts in New Green Deals

Winter weather might not be the best time to actually cruise around an electric scooter, but the off season is the perfect chance to lock-in some savings on a new EV. Three recently-released offerings from Segway are getting in on the discounts today, delivering some of the very first chances to bring home the new reveals for less than MSRP. Broken down below the fold, we also have a wide selection of Tesla and e-bike discounts in today’s New Green Deals, so you won’t want to miss that either.

Head below for other New Green Deals that we’ve found today and of course Electrek’s best EV buying and leasing deals. Also, check out the new Electrek Tesla Shop for the best deals on Tesla accessories.

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REE Automotive taps Microvast as battery supplier to its modular EV platforms

REE battery

EV mobility developer REE Automotive has publicly revealed who will supply the battery packs to its modular platforms. Microvast has signed a supply agreement with REE to provide its high-energy lithium-ion battery packs to “Powered by REE” modular EV technology as the latter works to bring commercial EVs to market, beginning with the P7 platform.

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Razor EcoSmart Cargo review: A clever 2-seater e-scooter, but with some problems

razor ecosmart cargo scooter review

Razor is no latecomer to the micromobility world, having produced awesome scooters for over two decades now. Following on the heels of reviewing the brand’s fun-loving and nostalgic Razor Icon electric scooter, I’ve now gotten a chance to try my hand (and rear end) at a two-person seated electric scooter known as the Razor EcoSmart Cargo.

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The future of solar EVs dims: Lightyear is bankrupt, Sion fights for its life, Aptera on the brink

Solar EV

It’s been a real tough month for the few but extremely innovative solar EV companies out here. Having just announced a shifting of its business strategy and a request to suspend all payments to its operating company, Lightyear has officially declared bankruptcy. Sono Motors’ flagship solar EV, the Sion, is staring down a similar barrel, as the startup fights to raise more funds to keep it alive. Meanwhile, Aptera has a production-intent design, but still needs millions of dollars to get it to production.

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VinFast combines US and Canadian business operations into VinFast North America

VinFast North America

Vietnamese EV automaker VinFast has announced that its business and management operations in Canada will now work alongside an HQ established in the US to form VinFast North America. By combining its businesses into one cohesive unit, VinFast North America hopes to increase efficiency – a factor the company has already been recognized for through its massive expansion in a short amount of time.

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Lift Foils upgrades its rider- and price-friendly electric hydrofoil designed for beginners

Electric hydrofoil veteran Lift Foils continues to showcase innovation that helped form an entirely new marine segment with its latest product launch – an upgraded version of the LIFT3 F which initially debuted last year. This revamped eFoil features two new color options, a redesigned aluminum mast, and a reinforced propeller featuring standard pitch, ideal for beginner-level riders the eFoil was designed for. Check it out.

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Ferrari is engineering simulated engine sounds (like most legacy automakers) for its future EVs

Ferrari EV

According to a recent patent filing, supercar specialist Ferrari intends to implement unique engine noises in its upcoming EVs. It just needs to build them first. The patent includes a system that reproduces combustion engine noises that can be synced with the increased acceleration of the vehicle’s electric motor(s). While this may simply sound like another automaker trying to deliver nostalgia to Ferrari fans accustomed to the roar of combustion, there is an element of safety as well.

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Here’s how much money you’ll get with the Inflation Reduction Act

inflation reduction act calculator

The big climate, energy efficiency, and EV bill – the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – became law in August. It’s packed with loads of rebates and tax credits that will help Americans purchase everything from electric vehicles to high-efficiency electrical appliances to heat pumps. If you’re ready to electrify but you’re not sure which rebates and tax credits you qualify for, then check out this easy-to-use IRA savings calculator from Rewiring America.

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