Babymaker 2 review: This belt-drive electric bike is more than just an edgy name

flx babymaker 2 electric bike

Yeah, I thought the same that you did when I first started covering the Babymaker 2. Here’s a new e-bike from some bike bros that’s got more of a provocative name than actual substance.

But I was wrong. Because after getting the chance to spin the pedals on the Babymaker 2 and put some good honest miles on the bike, I realized that this is actually a very nice e-bike for a certain segment of the population. And not just the keg stand segment.

Black Friday update: it is now priced at $1,499!

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Best Black Friday 2022 Green Deals: e-bikes, power stations, more

Black Friday is now here at Electrek, and our team over at 9to5Toys has been working around the clock to bring you all of the best deals. Through Thanksgiving week, we’ll be delivering all of the most notable markdowns on environmentally-friendly gear, electric vehicles, home goods, fashion, and much more. As always, the major players will be center stage this week, with Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many others offering up notable deals. Head below for the best Black Friday 2022 Green Deals and more.

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Escend Blades Alpha review: Electric skates are here, and they’re pretty rad

The future has officially arrived, and its in the form of all-electric skates designed by Escend out of the UK. These aren’t roller skates with fireworks attached to them like the early pioneers of MTV’s Jackass, nor are they the regular old inlines we donned during our first couple’s skate in the 90s. Instead, the Escend Blades Alpha have successfully combined the joy of inline skating with the unmatched, effortless velocity that comes with electric motors. I kicked, pushed, and wobbled my way through two different variations of these electric skates for you, so be sure to check out my video below to get my thoughts.

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Top gifts to buy for a Tesla owner this Christmas… at a hefty discount

If you want to surprise the Tesla owner in your life this holiday season with a gift they’ll love – or heck, treat yourself! – check out these beautiful accessories made by US and Canadian company Tesloid. The company’s founders are Tesla owners who design accessories and provide customer service they themselves want. Or, as they put it, “Teslas are premium cars and we deserve a premium experience to match that of the cars. So we took the matter into our own hands.”

Tesloid is offering Electrek readers a generous 25% discount off its irresistible accessories. Use the coupon code Electrek25 at checkout to get Tesloid’s biggest discount all year, and check out Tesloid’s top 5 gift ideas below.

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