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The greenwashing of cow poop harvesting. Should BMW be involved?

BMW greenwashing

You read that right. Poop. Manure. Cow pies. US Dairy farming remains a massive contributor of greenhouse gas methane emitted by its endless lanes of cattle providing milk to the public. California in particular currently sits at as the US dairy farming mecca, but also accounts for nearly half of the methane emissions in the entire state. New recycling methods have been put into place and automakers like BMW have utilized their carbon offsets to power its EVs, but many argue this is greenwashing and the entire incentive program encourages more emissions, not less.

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Climate activists use subvertising billboards to call out Toyota and BMW for greenwashing, anti-climate lobbying

Climate activists across three different social awareness groups have banded together to post over 400 irreverent billboards across Europe, using subvertising tactics to expose automakers like Toyota and BMW for promoting zero-carbon BEVs while simultaneously lobbying to keep combustion vehicles on roads for decades to come. The goal of these billboards is to not only spotlight the harsh truth, but to call local governments into action to ban ads that promote combustion vehicles.

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Paris is covered in fake ads mocking climate talks’ corporate sponsors [Gallery]

cop21 ad 1A group of activists called “Brandalism” installed hundreds of “fake ads” in Paris to protest against corporate greenwashing. The action is taking place during the climate talks in the French capital, which are being held at an airport and sponsored by an airline as well as energy companies, car manufacturers and banks. Expand