Tesla Factory Stories June 28

Tesla had a major expansion plan at its Fremont factory called its ‘masterplan’ to enable Model 3 production at the plant.

Today, we take a look at the progress through a report on Tesla’s building permits at the factory. expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories September 22, 2017

Tesla’s Fremont factory is already one of the biggest buildings in the world in terms of footprint and yet, the automaker has been expanding it rapidly as it ramps up Model 3 production.

A new drone flyover gives a fresh look at the factory and shows new buildings. expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories September 1, 2017

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed a complaint against Tesla after the United Auto Workers (UAW) made charges against the company over allegations that they were impeding on attempts to promote a unionization effort at their Fremont factory.

Tesla responded with a scathing attack on UAW called the allegation “baseless” and “meant only to generate headlines.” expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories August 1, 2017

It looked like things had calmed down on the unionization front at Tesla’s Fremont factory over the last month as United Auto Workers (UAW) focused its efforts on the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi.

Now a group called ‘Tesla Workers’ Organizing Committee’ have sent a letter to Tesla’s board of directors with demands. expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories July 18, 2017

For over a year now, Tesla has been expanding its Fremont factory in preparation for the start of Model 3 production.

The plant, which is already one of the biggest in the world, has changed quite a bit, but there was no new significant large structure like this new one coming up right now. expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories July 7, 2017

The very first production Tesla Model 3 is supposed to come off the production line today, according to CEO Elon Musk.

As we wait for an update on the progress, we get a very rare (and small) peek inside Tesla’s secretive Model 3 production line. expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories April 29, 2017

While several Model 3 release candidates have been spotted in the wild, Tesla hasn’t shown the Model 3 in any official capacity since launching the production of the release candidates.

We now learn that the company will hold a private showing of the vehicle in June for the winners of a previous referral program. expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories August 26, 2016

The Tesla Factory in Fremont, California, is one of the biggest buildings on earth with 5.3 million square feet of manufacturing and office space. Since buying the plant for a mere $42 million in 2010, Tesla has occupied only a fraction of the building, but everything changed over the last year as the automaker increased its production to 2,000 vehicles per week and it is now investing over $1.2 billion in the plant to increase the production rate to 10,000 per week for the Model 3 production.

In order to achieve its goal, Tesla has been hiring at an insane rate and has now over 6,000 employees working in Fremont, which is creating irritating parking problems for the workers. Ironically, the problems are similar to what some Tesla owners are experiencing at Superchargers – like being ICEd. expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories August 5, 2016

It’s difficult to overstate the impact Tesla has on Fremont and the East Bay Area. With ~6,000 workers, the automaker is now the city’s biggest employer and that’s without accounting for all its suppliers in the region.

Now we learn of Tesla even convincing manufacturers to come establish new production capacity in the area ahead of its planned production rate increase for the Model 3 program.  expand full story

Tesla Factory Stories July 20, 2016

A report from the Bay Area News Group Watchdog published in the Mercury News back in May suggested that foreign workers were brought in from Slovenia with nonimmigrant visa for tourism and business, known as a B1, in order to build Tesla’s new paint shop at the Fremont factory in California.

The report was based on a lawsuit filed by Gregor Lesnik, a Slovenian worker injured during his work at the factory, against Tesla and two subcontractors in charge of the paint shop projects, Eisenmann and Vuzem. The report alleged that workers were paid only $5 per hour while Tesla was paying the contractors $55 per hour.

After the report came out, Tesla said that it was going to do the right thing for the injured worker and we now learn that 10 days later, the automaker and contractors settle the suit for $550,000 without specifying the breakdown between companies. expand full story

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