Segway Stories March 13

Segway has come a long way from its nerdy self-balancing transporter days. Several new models and one acquisition later, the company has some quite respectable entries in the larger electric mobility market. Case in point: the new Segway E110A electric scooter, which shows off a combination of stylish design and some interesting tech under the panels.

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Segway Stories March 2

The Segway GT2 electric scooter pushes the brand into high-performance territory with a fast and powerful standing electric scooter.

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Segway Stories April 7, 2021

Who said Segways aren’t cool? Not the dude riding a hybrid hydrogen and electric-powered Segway Apex H2 motorcycle, that’s for sure.

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Segway Stories September 29, 2020

Segway has been on a roll, launching new personal electric vehicles seemingly monthly lately. After recently opening sales for the company’s new adult-sized electric go-kart, now Segway is unveiling and taking orders in the US and Canada for the company’s popular C80 electric moped.

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Segway Stories September 16, 2020

Segway Ninebot continues to expand the brand’s market with the introduction of new products, including today’s launch of the Ninebot Gokart PRO.

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Segway Stories August 27, 2020

While most electric scooters are used for last-mile type trips as urban transportation solutions, they can occasionally be seen making much longer journeys. Case in point is the first known trans-America electric scooter trip, which was just completed yesterday.

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Segway Stories February 16, 2020

Two months ago, Segway shocked the internet by introducing its first-ever electric motorcycle, the Segway Apex. The company better known for its affordable electric kickscooters had dropped a 200 km/h (124 mph) electric sportbike seemingly out of nowhere.

Now that the dust has settled, we’re getting more insight into the interesting backstory that led to the Segway Apex.

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Segway Stories January 3, 2020

Segway is on a serious roll with new personal electric vehicles lately. The latest is a hoverboard-style self-balancing motorized chair know as the S-Pod that is equal parts fascinating and dystopian.

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Segway Stories January 2, 2020

Segway recently announced a pair of new seated electric scooters to be unveiled at CES 2020 next week. And as an extra treat, they offered a “One more thing” teaser of an electric motorcycle concept known as the Segway Apex.

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Segway Stories December 17, 2019

Segway-Ninebot has been on a roll lately with product announcements as it expands into new transportation categories. The latest new Segway-Ninebot products in the spotlight are a fleet of electric mopeds, Vespa-style seated electric scooters, and even a tease of a Segway-Ninebot electric motorcycle.

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Segway Stories November 25, 2019

Segway is getting into the electric powersports market with its new Segway electric dirt bike. Or as the company calls it: The Segway Dirt eBike.

And it goes on sale today.

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Segway Stories November 15, 2019

Earlier this month, we broke the news that Segway was entering the electric powersports market with the brand’s first electric dirt bike.

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Segway Stories June 3, 2016



When Ninebot and Segway first partnered last year, we caught wind of a potential mini transporter that was coming to market in Europe. Details were slim at the time but we expected to see this people mover make its way to the United States. Fast forward to today, Segway of North America has officially announced the miniPRO, a smart self-balancing two-wheeled transporter that is stacked with technology.

Coming in at less than $1,000, the latest Segway has some serious potential thanks to an impressive 800W motor that provides enough electric-powered range to get to work and back. Head below to see the hands-free transporter in action.

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Segway Stories June 5, 2014


There are roughly a dozen companies making electric skateboards, versus just a handful a few years ago, according to people in the nascent industry. There are skateboard lights, skateboard locks, skateboard storage racks, and boards made from recycled fishnets. The skateboard, it seems, has become a hotbed of innovation.

None of this stuff is aimed at what you might call real skateboarders. Instead it is for the growing number of urban professionals who don’t want to drive to work. Kyle Doerksen, inventor of the Onewheel, illustrated this distinction while touting his contraption’s powerful brakes.

Where the Segway left off, the motoized skateboard comes in. The venerable skateboard is certainly not as stable but for those of us who grew up perfecting our balance and who still have some of that skill left, this is a great and dare I say, fun mode of transportation (even up hills). The Li-Ion tech just makes the boards lighter.

Just make sure there are smooth streets without potholes and rocks on your commute.

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