Drako Motors Stories June 30

Drako Motors announced its next vehicle: the Drako Dragon, a new hypercar in an SUV format that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds and still deliver on luxury.

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Drako Motors Stories February 1

Previously, we’ve covered the most expensive consumer electric vehicles on the road in 2022, focused on vehicles you’re more likely to actually see on the road. Much of the feedback in the comments relayed that many of the EVs listed weren’t truly the most expensive. While we’d argue that original list pertains more to the most expensive vehicles to reach series production for consumers, we hear you. Now, you also have a list of the most expensive electric vehicles that exist on planet Earth, regardless if they’re actually available for sale. Enjoy.

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Drako Motors Stories March 25, 2021

California-based EV startup Drako Motors updated us on its test program ahead of the start of deliveries of its Drako GTE electric supercar.

Scroll down for some impressive footage of the $1.2 million electric vehicle driving in the snow.

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Drako Motors Stories February 25, 2020

Electrek had the opportunity to be amongst the first to get a ride and a walkaround of the Drako GTE, a new $1.25 million electric supercar coming out of Silicon Valley.

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Drako Motors Stories January 9, 2020

The new EV startup Drako is benchmarking its Drako GTE electric supercar against the best, a Tesla Model S P100D, and with good results.

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Drako Motors Stories August 17, 2019

Drako Motors, a new Silicon Valley-based electric supercar manufacturer, has unveiled the Drako GTE, a limited-production all-electric supercar with insane specs and an even more insane price. expand full story

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