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US increases EV battery recycling capacity with new AL facility processing up to 10K tonnes annually


As consumer preference continues trending toward electric vehicles, automakers are moving swiftly to lock up critical battery materials. With battery recycling technology advancing, it will help ease the transition, unlocking the true potential of the sustainability behind electric vehicles. A new EV battery recycling plant in Alabama from Li-Cycle can process up to 10,000 tonnes, enough for about 20,000 EVs per year, helping the US venture toward a zero-emission economy.

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Li-Cycle to expand US battery recycling ‘Hub’ by 40% and provide LG with nickel for the next decade

US battery recycling

To meet increasing market demand, lithium-ion battery resource recovery specialists Li-Cycle has announced plans to increase the processing capacity of an upcoming New York facility by 40%. In addition to expanding its US battery recycling footprint, Li-Cycle has also entered into a letter of intent with LG to create a closed-loop battery ecosystem.

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