tokyo motor show Stories October 29, 2015

377364_Mitsubishi eX-4Yesterday at the Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi unveiled its 250 miles all-electric crossover eX concept. The company announced the model just a few weeks ago, but we only had renders, now we have the real thing. expand full story

tokyo motor show Stories October 28, 2015

Vision TokyoI thought that Mercedes’ recently unveiled IAA concept was weird-looking, but it has nothing on the German automaker’s new “Vision Tokyo” which it introduced today at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

The concept is equipped with “fuel cell-powered electric drive system”, which consists of an electric motor powered by both a battery pack and pressure tanks of hydrogen with fuel cells. expand full story

Nissan tokyo presentationNissan had its press briefing today for the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 and the Japan-based company reaffirmed its commitment to electric vehicles with 3 new EVs on stage.

Watch Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn’s presentation below the break: expand full story

Nissan IDS ConceptNissan unveiled the IDS concept at a preview of the Tokyo Motor Show today. The company described the concept as the embodiment of its vision for electric vehicles and self-driving cars going forward. The concept is fitted with a 60 kWh battery pack, which represent exactly twice the energy of the biggest battery pack option for the Nissan’s flagship LEAF. Although the company didn’t confirm a range for the vehicle, if we consider the size of the battery pack combined with its aerodynamic design and full-carbon-fiber body, the IDS concept could achieve a range of around 200 miles on a single charge. expand full story

tokyo motor show Stories October 27, 2015

honda-accord-plugin-hybrid-1Honda is set to join the few other manufacturers ready to unveil new electric vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show, which start October 29. Nissan and Mitsubishi already announced their intentions to debut new EV models and now Honda is ready to introduce a new plug-in hybrid according the a report from AutoNews.

Honda’s electric offering has been seriously lacking with its most important contribution to the EV market being an Accord plug-in with 13 miles of range on all-electric, and although the company seems to still prefer hydrogen as an alternative zero emission fuel, the company is showing continued investment in electric drivetrains. expand full story

tokyo motor show Stories October 23, 2015

Nissan to unveil a second EV concept at the Tokyo Motor Show next week?

Nissan sent out a teaser this morning with only a picture (above) and the tagline “the future vision of car intelligence and electrification”. The company added the press release to its “Tokyo Motor Show” stories, which starts next week. If the company is indeed unveiling this electric vehicle at the show, it would make for two new EV concepts for the Japan-based car manufacturer.The company already announced the Teatro concept to be unveiled at the event.

tokyo motor show Stories October 19, 2015

pic_002The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is starting next week and several manufacturers already announced the debut of new electric vehicles, including Nissan’s Teatro and Mitsubishi’s eX, now Yamaha says it will unveil 6 new concepts, including a new two-wheel drive all-electric motorcycle and an electric car. expand full story

tokyo motor show Stories October 9, 2015

From concept to interior and exterior design, Teatro for Dayz is simple: a clean canvas. When the car is in drive mode, meters, controls and maps appear on a pure white instrument panel. When parked, Teatro for Dayz transforms into an entirely new device. The entire interior, starting with the instrument panel, becomes a live display for a generation wired for connectivity.
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The Tokyo Motor Show is coming up on October 29 and automakers are starting to announce a few concepts they will unveil at the event. Yesterday we covered Mitsubishi’s eX electric vehicle concept, today we take a quick look at Nissan’s Teatro with a gallery of renders. expand full story

tokyo motor show Stories October 8, 2015

mitsubishi-ex-concept-tms-0001-e1444287723553Mitsubishi announced today that it will unveil a new electric vehicle concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, which starts on October 29. The new vehicle is called the eX concept and the company hopes to bring it to market in 2020. expand full story

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