pic_002The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is starting next week and several manufacturers already announced the debut of new electric vehicles, including Nissan’s Teatro and Mitsubishi’s eX, now Yamaha says it will unveil 6 new concepts, including a new two-wheel drive all-electric motorcycle and an electric car. The PES2 (picture above) and PED2 (picture below) are “experimental” vehicles, meaning you shouldn’t expect to be able to buy one any time soon.

The PES2 is equipped with an additional electric motor built into the hub of the front wheel to make it a 2WD motorcycle.


Both bikes are equipped with detachable lithium-ion battery packs and brushless DC electric motors.


Yamaha is also set to debut a new electric car concept. The company didn’t reveal much about the project, but it released the picture above and said that the design is inspired by motorcycles.

The company will have quite a few EV in display at the show including: power-assisted bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, Leaning Multi-Wheelers (LMW), a Recreational Off-road Vehicle (ROV) and an automobile.

The Tokyo Motor Show 2015 will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 29 (Thu.) to November 8 (Sun.).

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