Tesla CCS Adapter Stories September 21

Tesla has officially launched its CCS adapter for $250, enabling Tesla drivers to access public charging stations. This is a product that Tesla owners have been wanting for a long time.

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Tesla CCS Adapter Stories October 8, 2021

Tesla owners outside of Europe should finally be able to use public CCS fast-charging stations, as the automaker’s CCS to Tesla proprietary plug adapter is finally coming.

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Tesla CCS Adapter Stories December 16, 2020

Tesla has announced a new CCS charging adapter that this time can work with its proprietary connector.

However, the availability in North America is still unclear.

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Tesla CCS Adapter Stories April 3, 2019

Electrek got a first look at Tesla’s highly-anticipated new CCS adapter that should enable Tesla owners to get access to many more charging stations around the world. expand full story

Tesla CCS Adapter Stories February 2, 2019

Starting this month, Tesla is including a new CCS adapter with all new Model S and Model X orders in Europe so that owners can take advantage of the growing CCS fast-charging networks on the old continent, according to an update on their website.

Update: Tesla responded to this story saying that the update on their website was inaccurate. It will not be standard and it’s unclear when it will be available as an accessory. expand full story

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