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Rad Power Bikes is the largest electric bicycle brand in the United States and specializes in offering high value, low cost e-bikes designed for recreational riders and commuters.

Radcity 5 plus review

Rad Power Bikes has grown to become the largest electric bicycle brand in the US, largely due to the combination of low cost and high value e-bikes.

The company offers nearly a dozen different models of electric bicycles. The various e-bikes cover different types of riding from recreational, sport, commuter/transport, utility/cargo and even commercial applications.

However the company’s largest markets are likely recreational riders and those looking for economical e-bikes for local transportation.

All of Rad Power Bikes’ electric bicycles can reach speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US and generally have ranges of around 25-50 miles (40-80R km), depending on the type of riding and terrain.

Below is a list of the company’s currently available electric bicycles (note that prices sometimes change, but we’ll do our best to keep these figures accurate):

Among Rad Power Bikes’ various models, the RadMission and RadCity models are more transportation/commuter oriented with typical street bike styles, the RadRovers and RadMini Step-Thru (folding) are more recreational oriented with their large fat-tires, the RadMini is a great folder for those needing a small format e-bike, and the RadRunner and RadWagon are great for utility and cargo uses.

However, all of Rad’s e-bikes are extremely versatile, meaning just about any model can be used for any type of riding. We often seen riders using a single Rad Power e-bike for a combination of pleasure and utility riding.

We have reviewed nearly every Rad Power Bike model, and you can find our review articles and videos below, along with a series of news articles about updates and new product launches from the company.

RadRunner 3 Plus unveiled as Rad’s new high-end electric utility bike with 100-mile range

radrunner 3 plus

Rad Power Bikes is back with a new version of the company’s RadRunner Plus. The new model, known as the RadRunner 3 Plus (not to be confused with the RadRunner 2 that is still available as the more budget-friendly model), is the brand’s new high-end electric utility bike. This latest model sees several important upgrades to bike’s components, design, and performance.

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RadTrike review: Testing of Rad Power Bikes slickly designed electric trike

rad power bikes radtrike e-trike

The RadTrike is the first consumer-focused electric three-wheeler from Rad Power Bikes, the largest e-bike company in North America. It’s designed to make e-biking more accessible to a wider range of riders, especially older riders, and it sure fits that bill. After testing the trike I can tell you that there’s a lot to like here, though I’ve also got a few critiques in areas I would have liked to have seen changed.

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Is Rad Power Bikes planning a new low-cost electric bike? These 3 signs point to yes

rad power bikes radmission

Rad Power Bikes is the largest electric bicycle company in North America, meaning that when they make moves, the industry responds. And the latest move we could soon see from the Seattle, Washington-based e-bike manufacturer may be the introduction of a new low-cost electric bike to replace the RadMission.

Here’s why.

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Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 review: Here’s what’s hidden in Rad’s new fat tire folding electric bike

rad power bikes radexpand 5 electric bicycle

When the RadExpand 5 was first unveiled, I was surprised to see the company go in this direction and replace the RadMini with a new model. But now that I’ve spent some good time in the saddle, I see exactly what Rad was thinking, because the folding RadExpand 5 e-bike draws on some of the best parts of every other e-bike in the company’s wide lineup.

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Exclusive: Rad Power Bikes ‘resetting’ to refocus on its electric bike customers, more physical stores

radexpand 5 electric bike

Rad Power Bikes, the leading electric bicycle company in North America, is restructuring its operations to cut costs and double down on the customer experience of its hundreds of thousands of e-bike riders.

Helping to lead new changes, Rad Power Bikes has also onboarded a new president and chief operating officer Phil Molyneux, who previously served as president and COO of Sony Electronics and President of Dyson America.

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Major electric bicycle company flirts with lower prices on top models after recent price hike

Anyone who has been following recent pricing trends in the electric bicycle industry has experienced quite a roller coaster ride. Prices over the last year or two have repeatedly climbed and dropped as leading e-bike companies jockeyed for position while simultaneously weighing the increasing pricing pressures on the industry.

North American e-bike leader Rad Power Bikes is now raising eyebrows (and sending stomachs into chests if we want to keep that roller coaster analogy alive) as the company flirts with lower prices on two of its most popular models.

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RadRunner 2 electric bike review: Rad Power Bikes’ most fun utility e-bike yet!

When Rad Power Bikes launched the RadRunner 2, it didn’t show off a laundry list of new updates. Instead, there were only a few key changes. And that’s because the affordably priced RadRunner was already such a popular e-bike that it only required a few small updates to make it better than ever before.

As the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Largest US e-bike company Rad Power Bikes reveals new price hikes across lineup

Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes announced earlier this month that prices for its electric bicycles models would be increasing. The move is forced by major pricing pressures on the e-bike industry, including rising costs of raw materials like aluminum, a weakening dollar/RMB exchange rate and sky-high shipping costs.

Now the company has provided full details on the new higher prices.

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Rad Power Bikes unveils RadRunner 2, updating its most affordable electric utility bike

The RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes broke new ground upon its release two years ago. It became the first widely successful utility e-bike from a major manufacturer, spawning many imitators in the process. The e-bike has remained a staple of Rad’s lineup of electric bicycles ever since, and it is now getting an update in the form of the RadRunner 2.

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Rad Power Bikes lands giant $154M investment, will begin North American e-bike production

Rad Power Bikes isn’t just the largest electric bicycle company in North America, it’s also the most funded. Rad announced a massive new funding round today, adding another $154 million to its war chest as the company continues its mission of bringing affordably priced electric bicycles to the masses.

Part of that huge funding round has already been earmarked to invest in North American and European production.

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Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus e-bike launched as premium version of city commuter

Radcity 5 plus review

The RadCity 5 Plus e-bike from Rad Power Bikes has just been launched with a pile of new upgrades, making it the most extensive update to the RadCity electric commuter e-bike yet. The team at Rad kindly gave me the opportunity to get an early test ride on the new RadCity 5 Plus, and today I’m taking you along with me to see what makes this new e-bike tick.

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This one e-bike is likely the most capable electric bicycle I’ve ever reviewed

radrunner plus rad power bikes

The RadRunner Plus from Rad Power Bikes is perhaps one of my favorite all-time, do-anything electric bicycles – and that’s coming from someone with hundreds of electric bike reviews under his belt. I may have ridden some e-bikes that go faster or carry more passengers or fulfill any number of specific niches. But if I had to choose one single e-bike that could handle as many different daily tasks and types of riding as possible, I think it would be the RadRunner Plus.

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‘We’ve been shocked,’ CEO of US’s largest e-bike company, Rad Power Bikes, talks future plans

There’s no two ways about it, Rad Power Bikes is absolutely crushing it in the e-bike market. The Seattle-based electric bicycle manufacturer holds the largest share of the US market by far with all other companies competing for a distant second.

To learn more about what the leading e-bike brand is up to next, we caught up with founder and CEO Mike Radenbaugh. In speaking with Mike, it is obvious that he is an e-bike rider first and CEO of an e-bike company second – his passion for the electric bike community shines through every time he talks about the company. Having founded Rad Power Bikes after working on his own experiments with building electric bikes in his garage, he’s seen the larger industry grow even as Rad has grown within it.

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RadMini e-bike review: Why you need this folding fat tire electric bike in your life

radmini rad power bikes

The Rad Power Bikes RadMini is the Swiss Army knife of the fat tire e-bike world. It offers all of the diverse riding advantages of fat tire e-bikes while providing surprising portability to take it just about anywhere.

Whether on grass, dirt, or asphalt, the RadMini can do just about anything most e-bike riders could ever need.

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RadMission e-bike review: Rad Power Bikes’ best (and most affordable) electric bike yet?

radmission review

The RadMission electric bicycle from Rad Power Bikes is one of the company’s most interesting e-bikes to date. While it makes a few modest compromises to hit its impressive $1,099 price point (and is on sale as a bundle for $200 off right now through Black Friday), it scores big wins in most categories, making this an incredibly high bang-for-your-buck e-bike.

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