EVgo Stories September 21

US public charging network EVgo has announced an expansion of its Plug and Charge capabilities via its new Autocharge+ technology. Previously, owners of Plug and Charge capable GM EVs could utilize the feature on the EVgo network, but that opportunity is now available for drivers of plenty other EVs, including Ford.

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EVgo Stories August 11

US public charging network EVgo has announced a new supply agreement with global energy solutions provider Delta Solutions for 1,000 fast charger piles capable of charge outputs up to 350 kW. This news is particularly relevant because some of those 1,000 piles will be deployed by EVgo on the nationwide network recently announced by GM and Pilot Company / Flying J.

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EVgo Stories August 9

The US’s most extensive public fast charging network, EVgo, reported Q2 earnings today, reflecting strong growth on the heels of soaring EV demand.

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EVgo Stories July 14

General Motors (GM) has announced a collaboration with Pilot Company to implement a coast-to-coast DC fast charging network co-branded with both the “Pilot Flying J” and “Ultium 360” logos. The new charging network will be powered by EVgo’s eXtend charging services for businesses.

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EVgo Stories June 23

This is big. General Motors (GM) has announced that it is adding Plug and Charge capabilities to its Ultium Charging 360 network of charge providers across North America and across its line of Bolt, Hummer and Cadillac Lyriq EVs.

To begin, drivers with an EVgo account will be able to utilize the convenience of Plug and Charge before GM expands the technology to additional charging networks across its Ultium Charge 360 family.

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EVgo Stories May 2

Tesla’s own CCS adapter was spotted charging a Model Y at over 200 kW – a first for Tesla’s elusive adapter. Is it finally going to be available?

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EVgo Stories April 7

Chase bank announced a new partnership with fast charging network EVgo to implement a pilot program of DC fast chargers for EVs at 50 of its branch locations. As part of an expanded focus on sustainability, the commercial banking business plans to grow its on-site solar power to 400 additional branches by year’s end.

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EVgo Stories February 24

US public charging network, EVgo, has announced a commercial agreement with Toyota Motor North America to provide upcoming bZ4X customers with one year of free charging on its network. Toyota is EVgo’s latest automotive partner as it looks to continue to expand its public charging network and expedite EV adoption for US consumers.

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EVgo Stories February 8

Subaru of America will officially begin taking reservations today for its upcoming Solterra. For $250 down, customers can select their preferred Subaru retailer, trim, and exterior color. Additionally, the automaker shared that Solterra customers will be able to take advantage of a new partnership with EVgo, offering access to its 46,000 charging locations across the US.

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EVgo Stories December 15, 2021

A coalition of business, labor, and environmental advocacy leaders will host the US’ first-ever National EV Charging Summit on January 20, 2022. Members of the public are invited to attend, and it’s free.

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EVgo Stories September 17, 2021

EVgo has announced a new loyalty program where customers can earn points toward future free charging sessions. The program, called EVgo Rewards, is a first of its kind for public charging networks in the US, according to EVgo. Here’s everything you need to know.

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EVgo Stories July 15, 2021

In an announcement this morning, General Motors (GM) has unveiled plans to expand its newly formed Ultium Charge 360 program to include commercial fleets. GM’s holistic approach to charging infrastructure and acceleration of electrified fleets already has five partners onboard, including EVgo.

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EVgo Stories July 14, 2021

EVgo announced today the acquisition of Recargo, a company better known for being behind PlugShare, a very popular EV charging app and website used for finding charging locations across networks and homes.

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EVgo Stories July 13, 2021

Samsara, a provider of internet of things (IoT) solutions, has announced a partnership with public EV charging network EVgo, to help accelerate the electrification process for its commercial fleet customers. As part of the partnership, EVgo will be Samsara’s first electric vehicle partner in its Experts Marketplace, a network of certified implementation experts.

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EVgo Stories May 27, 2021

A recent SEC filing has revealed that electric vehicle charging network EVgo is still 82 charger installations short of meeting its June 30 milestone deadline for the quarter, part of an agreement with General Motors (GM). According to the filing, missing this milestone would give GM the power to terminate the agreement and seek pre-agreed liquidated damages of up to $15 million, although GM currently remains confident in EVgo.

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EVgo Stories May 26, 2021

Public fast-charging network EVgo has announced a new program called EVgo Reservations that gives drivers the freedom to claim their spot at a charger ahead of time. The initial rollout consists of 17 locations across California and the Seattle area in a pilot program that has already expanded.

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EVgo Stories May 12, 2021

The Electrification Coalition delivered a letter to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Wednesday, backed by 58 businesses, including Rivian, Volvo, EVgo, and Arrival, to name a few. The letter urges the governor to join the Multi-State Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Memorandum of Understanding, which would expedite the electrification of trucks and buses throughout the state.

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EVgo Stories February 11, 2021

EVgo announced today that it is expanding its integration of Tesla connectors at charging stations in the US.

It will give more charging options to Tesla owners.

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EVgo Stories July 31, 2020

General Motors and EVgo announced today that they plan to add more than 2,700 new fast chargers at grocery stores, retail outlets, and entertainment centers in 40 metropolitan areas. The project, which will take five years to complete, is an effort to convince renters and condo dwellers that EVs are practical. The message is to fast-charge in a half-hour while you’re completing errands.

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EVgo Stories June 30, 2020

EVPassport is an upcoming app that promises $39/mo unlimited charging on major EV charge networks. The included networks are Electrify America, EVgo, Chargepoint, Hubject and Greenlots, along with some smaller regional networks on the US West Coast. The app plans to launch in “a few weeks” but is taking wait list signups now.

The app will start with support for iPhone and DC fast charging in the US at first, with initial support for 2,500 DC chargers. It will expand to Android later this year, along with European support (including IONITY). If all goes well, it plans to add Level 2 AC charging support next year.

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EVgo Stories March 23, 2020

EVgo is stepping up to help anyone who still needs to drive their EV for work or are otherwise experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.

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EVgo Stories December 24, 2019

On December 16, 2019, California’s Office of Administrative Law approved amendments to its Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems Specifications. These rules ban operators of electric vehicle charging stations from billing by the minute at new 240Vac stations in 2021 onwards, and new DCFC stations 2023 onwards.

This is a huge blow to Electrify America and EVgo. Both firms bill by the minute for EV charging, leaving drivers with sticker shock and feeling ripped off by the end of the session. Chargepoint will also be negatively affected, as many of their site-host partners choose to bill per minute. And while Tesla already bills by the kilowatt-hour, California will also be requiring charging stations to physically display “on their face” important information about electricity cost and delivery, a move that will put the most burden on Tesla’s Supercharger stations.

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EVgo Stories December 23, 2019

Power generation and transmission business LS Power Development, LLC, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire EVgo from its current owner, Vision Ridge Partners. EVgo is one of the leading private operators of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States.

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EVgo Stories December 19, 2019

EVgo announced today that they are collaborating with Tesla to install their proprietary connector on their public charging stations nationwide. expand full story

EVgo Stories November 25, 2019

Nissan has launched a new program called “Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo” as an extra incentive for Leaf buyers, promising $250 worth of charging credits for use on the nationwide EVgo charging network. This is available to all Nissan Leaf buyers backdating to November 1, 2019.

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EVgo Stories September 26, 2019

Uber and EVgo announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to cooperate on electrifying rideshare programs.  The announcement came as part of a Climate Week event in San Francisco.

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EVgo Stories August 12, 2019

North Carolina is now the 30th state to allow public EV charging companies to offer pricing by the kilowatt-hour (kWh), instead of charging per minute. The change was thanks to bipartisan legislation — House Bill 329, Renewable Energy Amendments — passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Roy Cooper.

The vast majority of Americans now live and drive in places where private companies are free to set up EV charging stations and offer pricing for actual kWh delivered to the vehicle. Tesla calls billing by the kWh “the most fair and simple method.” Any EV driver would agree, as all sorts of factors including the weather affect the speed an EV will charge at, making per-minute pricing something of a crapshoot as opposed to how many kWh (like ‘gallons of gas’) was actually delivered.

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EVgo Stories August 6, 2019

Nissan and EVgo are announcing today that they are expanding their collaboration and will deploy 200 more fast-charging stations for electric cars in the US. expand full story

EVgo Stories June 18, 2019

Charging network EVgo announced today that it has reached roaming agreements with ChargePoint and EV Connect, making it easier for EVgo users to charge on those networks.

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EVgo Stories May 24, 2019

Tesla warned in a filing this week with the DC Public Service Commission that its customers could be excluded from reduced cost charging in the District of Columbia. This is because Pepco, an Exelon company and the electric utility in DC, proposed to the Commission on May 13 that “any public electric vehicle charging station for which Pepco provides make-ready infrastructure must permit readily accessible charging by a broad range of EVs”. This would mean Tesla Superchargers would be ineligible for the wholesale electric rate that would be available to other private operators like Chargepoint & EVgo.

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EVgo Stories May 20, 2019

Oil and gas station companies are increasingly looking at adding electric vehicle charging stations at their locations in order to stay relevant as the industry moves to electric.

Chevron is the latest example as it partners with EVgo to bring EV charging stations to its gas stations. expand full story

EVgo Stories May 7, 2019

EVgo has contracted for 100% renewable energy to power its fast charging network, the company announced today, making it the first US EV charging network to do so.

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EVgo Stories February 5, 2019

EVgo network powered 75 million EV miles in 2018, plans to double again by 2020

EVgo’s fast charging network powered EV owners to drive more than 75 million miles last year, representing 88 percent annual growth over 2017.

EVgo Stories September 6, 2018

Nissan and EVgo are today launching their new east coast fast-charging route along the I-95 enabling EV drivers to travel between Washington D.C. and Boston. expand full story

EVgo Stories July 13, 2018

Used electric vehicle battery packs are becoming increasingly popular for stationary energy storage projects.

It’s especially the case overseas, but now EVgo is bringing the tech to the US with a new fast-charging station powered by BMW i3 battery packs. expand full story

EVgo Stories April 12, 2018

EVgo announced today that it entered into an agreement with Maven, General Motors’ car sharing brand, to build a dedicated DC fast charging network for its fleet of Chevy Bolt EV vehicles used by Maven Gig drivers. expand full story

EVgo Stories March 1, 2018

EVgo today announced price drops, a simpler scheme and longer charge windows to “the nation’s largest network of public electric vehicle (EV) DC Fast charging stations”. EVgo says that the new rates match or beat gasoline on a per mile basis and the new service will be a boon for apartment dwellers and current/prospective EV buyers who need to take trips outside of their EV range. However, there are some important details to consider.

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EVgo Stories October 26, 2017

YEARS in the making, EVgo this week released their first app for consumers on both Android and iOS. I’ve tried it on both platforms and have gotten similar results in a little over a day of testing with two separate EVgo 50kW DC fast chargers. I tested both the Chevy Bolt with CCS SAE Combo charger and the Tesla Model X with Chademo adapter. So, how’d we do? expand full story

EVgo Stories April 18, 2017

At the opening ceremony of the 2017 New York International Auto Show, Nissan and EVgo announced that they have partnered to create a corridor of DC fast-charging stations for electric vehicles along interstate 95 between Boston and Washington D.C.

The good news is that while they are still only deploying “barely” fast-charging 50 kW chargers, they are going to pre-wire the sites for “high-power charging power output of up to 150kW”. expand full story

EVgo Stories February 27, 2017


There’s an exciting race to build high-power fast-charging stations for electric vehicles going on right now. Companies like Tesla, EVgo, Chargepoint, ABB, and many more are preparing for the next wave of EVs, which are expected to be able to charge at a much higher rate.

It looks like EVgo and ABB are now taking a small lead in this race. They announced today that they are installing the “first High-Power fast charging station” (150-350 kW) and they are doing it right in Tesla’s backyard; Fremont, California. expand full story

EVgo Stories January 24, 2017


Nissan and BMW have been partnering on the development of charging stations to support their respective growing fleets of electric vehicles for a few years now. EVgo has been building the network in the US for the two automakers and it now includes over 668 DC fast-charging stations in over 50 metro areas.

The companies are announcing today another batch of 174 new DC fast-charging station across 33 states. expand full story

EVgo Stories December 15, 2016


The world of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is still only in its infancy, but it’s growing at an exciting pace. After 5 major automakers announced that they joined forces to deploy 400 ultra-fast (350 kW) charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe last month, now the latest good news comes from EVgo, a leading operator of public EV charging networks in the US.

Today, the company announced that it has broken ground on the very first US public charging station capable of “up 350 kW” output. The station is located in Baker, California.  expand full story

EVgo Stories November 19, 2015

BlinkA major new partnership between Blink, BMW, ChargePoint, Nissan and EVgo was announced today at the LA Auto show. The five partners created the ROEV association with the goal to access all 3 charging networks with a single account.

Between them Blink, ChargePoint and EVgo operate more than 17,500 electric vehicle charging stations or about 91% of all stations in the US.

Full press release below: expand full story

EVgo Stories November 18, 2015

BMW EVgoBMW is expanding its “ChargeNow DC Fast” program in partnership with eVgo by installing 500 more DC fast charging stations across 25 U.S. markets. eVgo already installed 100 stations throughout California last year as part of the ChargeNow DC Fast program and now the company will add 50 stations (~2 in each market) before the end of the year under the new deal, which should bring the total to 600 stations by the end of 2018. expand full story

Ford will offer 3 years of free charging to 2016 C-MAX Energi owners via EVgo

Ford joins the ranks of Tesla and Nissan by offering some form of free charging to new plug-in owners. The company will give customers in California and Maryland who purchase or lease a 2016 Ford C-MAX Energi access to 500 EVgo charging stations for 3 years.

You can read the full press release below:

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