Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Stories July 25

Two of the most cited reasons for car commuters shunning smaller vehicles like bikes, scooters and motorcycles are safety and weather. But the Nimbus One with its fully-enclosed design and car-like safety features is trying to solve both of those issues at once.

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Last year I found an awesome-looking electric mini-truck on a Chinese shopping website and decided I simply had to have it. With a $2,000 sticker price, I figured it was risky, but that I wouldn’t lose the farm if the transaction went tires up. And so I embarked on one of the weirdest vehicle purchases of my life.

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Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Stories July 20

In a deal purported to be worth US $55.1 million, EV Technology Group has agreed to purchase an additional 50% of MOKE International, which will boost its stake to 67.6% of the company. The deal is intended to rapidly expand MOKE International’s reach, producing and delivering more of its iconic classic MOKE-inspired electric vehicles.

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Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Stories June 26

Remember that fun little Jeep-lookin’ Mini Moke from a post-WWII British military vehicle development program? It’s been rehashed in several incarnations since, but the most recent (and most stateside) is Moke America, which wants to get Americans to switch from big gas guzzlers to fun little open-top electric cars.

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Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Stories September 10, 2015

Ecocruise releases a new bug-like off-road electric vehicle

Ecocruise is a startup manufacturing Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), often known as golf cart, but Ecocruise’s lineup is more interesting than just golf carts, especially its new off-road vehicle; the Cruser Sport.

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